Bedlington monsters

I was told about this article and decided to google it as it is about the area that I grew up around. I found it on the Northumbria Police website. This is what it said:

Police in Bedlington are appealing for information after vandals damaged a local cemetery.

Between 5pm Monday, November 14, and 9:30am Tuesday, November 15, vandals damaged a number of ornaments that had been placed on gravestone in the children’s area of the West Lea Cemetery in Netherton Lane.

Officers are carrying out enquiries into the damage and are appealing for anyone with information to come forward.

Bedlington Neighbourhood Inspector Karen Murray said: “This mindless vandalism is extremely distressing for relatives and the community as a whole and we want to identify whoever has done this and have them arrested.

“This disgusting behaviour will not be tolerated in our community and officers are currently looking at CCTV in the area to try and identify those involved. We will be speaking to local schools and people who live near by to try and bring those responsible in”.

Officers have increased patrols in the area and are linking in with a community group that take care of the area to see what else can be done.

This makes me sick. To think that people could actually do that to a cemetery, never mind the children’s part! But what will get done? If the vandals are under 18 they will probably get away with it and even if they’re older all they will get is a sentence for criminal damage.

I can’t imagine how the families must feel, to hear about it and to actually see the damage that these people have caused. The victims have done nothing to warrant such behaviour and it will be hard enough for them having to cope with losing a child, never mind having to cope with the fact that some scum bags decided to vandalise children’s graves. My heart really does go out to the families who have suffered this horrific ordeal and I hope that the police manage to find out exactly who did it.

People like this can never be reformed. The best way to deal with the scum bags of society is to line them all up and shoot every single one of them. They don’t deserve to be protected by their Human Rights, because no reasonable and sane “human” would have committed a crime as horrific as this one. These people aren’t human, they can’t be. The only word that describes exactly what these people are is “monsters”.


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