UK justice system needs serious reform after this

As I was browsing through the Daily Mail website today, seeing if I could leave some comments to upset the readers of the site, I came across this article; and I was shocked!

Concrete block, thrown by youths from motorway overpass, that left female driver with internal injuries  

  • A 57-year-old female passenger is still in hospital following fractures to her face, ribs and internal injuries 
  • ‘Bucket-sized’ block of concrete thrown from bridge on A12 – 40 minutes after another similar incident

Police have released the horrific images of a car damaged by a concrete block that yobs hurled from a bridge, leaving a woman fighting for her life.
The 57-year-old victim was in a serious but stable condition in hospital last night after suffering head and chest injuries when the block fell  on to the Nissan on the A12 near Galleywood in Essex. Her 56-year-old husband – who was driving at the time – escaped with minor injuries.

I couldn’t resist and after reading the other comments on the article I just had to have my say. This is what I wrote:

Because it was thrown from a bridge the youths will never be caught because there was probably no witnesses. What were their intentions by throwing the block from the bridge? They must have known their actions were reckless and surely they knew that their actions would result in someone being hurt? It isn’t exactly rocket science. 

And so now they are out there causing more trouble for people thinking they are big and clever when really they are scum and should be shot. I wonder what would have happened if the victims had been one of their family members? How would they have felt then? 

Can I just point out that the person who is saying that death is not justice… Neither is sitting in prison with pool tables and playstations. If the death sentence was brought back then it would be pretty impossible for people to re-offend and the country would be a lot better off. 
Have the Daily Mail posted my comment? Well not yet, but I am checking it so fingers crossed. But I couldn’t believe it. What is wrong with people these days?

Then I came across this, which frankly, made me cry with anger, how could anyone do this? What human being could ever committ such an horrific act towards a defenceless child?

One-month-old baby with every rib broken fighting for its life after man and woman are arrested for rape and battery

  • Boy suffers heart attack after horrific assault 
  • Could be one Britain’s worst ever child abuse cases

Police were last night trying to stop Facebook vigilantes causing civil unrest after a one-month-old baby boy was raped and battered so badly that his heart stopped.

Messages on the social networking site revealed plans for a vigil near the home of the infant, who is thought to have suffered one of Britain’s worst cases of child abuse.

The baby’s horrific injuries were said to have included a broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising. It was said all of his ribs were fractured.
My comment, which will certainly not be published on the website, said:

How could anyone inflict this much pain and harm onto a defenceless child? There are so many child related crimes happening these days that it begs to question what the hell is wrong with people? How has society changed this much? Became this violent? 

The death sentence should be brought back for these people. They should be skinned alive, rolled in salt, impaled upon wooden stakes and left to suffer a slow and painful death for what they have done to this child. Putting them in prison isn’t going to be justice. They should have to pay for their crimes in away that mirrors the pain that poor child is going through. F**k their Human Rights, they aren’t worthy enough to be breathing! 

These people make me sick and I really hope that they get what is coming to them. If they don’t get a beating outside of prison they will certainly get a beating inside. Lets just hope it puts them in early graves. Then justice will have been served

And of course I joined the Facebook group, Jail the scum who raped and beat a one month old baby in Gravesend Kent, I have even put my comment on the page. However, we just know that even after a crime this horrific the justice system will not be changed. We won’t be able to bring in the death penalty for these sick people because it will enfringe their Human Rights blah blah blah. Well what about that poor baby’s human rights? Did he not have the right not to be tortured? Screw what the EU say. We need to get out of the EU and make our Justice system something that people will not want to mess with. Compared to other countries, our justice system is a joke! Oh how I would love to stand for Paliament, I would certainly put a few stuck up MP’s noses out of joint.

If only Jennalla was PM… What an interesting concept that would be.


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