Going Home

I read on the Daily Mail website today. A son took his dead mother on a 36-mile bus journey home after she died on the way back from a day out.
The 88-year-old woman is believed to have passed away in her wheelchair on the way back to Preston from Lancaster.
Police said her son, 52, then waited at Preston Bus Station with his dead mother before boarding a second bus for the 11-mile journey back to Chorley where she lived.

I thought this was so sad. I mean the poor bloke had just lost his mum! And all he could do is get questioned by police and judged off others. So I had to have my say on the matter. My comment read:

Well what was he supposed to do? Just put her in a wheeley bin?I don’t understand why people are all hung up about death, we all die eventually anyway, and its not as if the woman had been dead for weeks and was decomposing all over the place is it? I feel for the bloke, he’s lost his mother and all people can do is comment about how he might have a mental health issue! A mental health issue would be keeping his mother in the house for weeks until someone noticed the putrid smell.

I don’t get why it was considered as “news” to be honest. Its not as if there was anyone remotely effected from it, apart from the grieving son of course. And It would have just looked as if she was asleep, so unless people were poking her with a stick to see if she would move, I don’t understand how they would have known she was dead and not just sleeping.

People need to stop being so childish when it comes to things like this. What would they have done if it was them? Would they have not bothered taking their mother home? And no one has thought of the fact that he may have been taking her home so he would stay composed during the return journey and break-down with grief when he was in the comfort of her home. It may have even been one of his mother last wishes, to be taken home if she died while they were out?

Its hard enough losing a parent without having the general public judging their last wishes, or the decisions of the family.


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