Benefits of having children

It’s a disgrace! The House of Lords have excluded the right for the Government to cap the Child Benefit system to families who receive over £500 per week in benefits, that makes a staggering £26,000 per year!

Sky News reported: The Government has suffered an “embarrassing” defeat over its welfare reform proposals as peers voted to exclude child benefit from the £26,000 cap.
Peers voted by 252 to 237, majority 15, in favour of an amendment introduced by the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds, the Rt Rev John Packer, which received Labour backing.
He said: “It cannot be right for the cap to be the same for a childless couple as for a couple with children. Child benefit is the most appropriate way to right this unfairness.”
And he argued that, in effect, the cap denied child benefit payments to people whose other benefits had reached £500 a week.
“This cap is not simply targeted at wealthy families living in large houses,” he said.
“It will damage those who have to pay high rents because often that rent has increased substantially in the course of their occupancy of that house.”

So in other words just because people decide to have children they get the whole benefit system opened up to them? Not only do they get to live in expensive rented properties they also get to swan around and not work because they are getting about £500 a week for doing sod all. Brilliant, I can see Durex going out of business next because who would spend a couple of pounds on condoms when they could get £500 per week and a shiny new house for having a child?

Wouldn’t you think that the Government would support students and those who actually want to work instead of those who know they just need to have a child to get out of work? I mean a part-time unemployed, university student, would get Jobseekers Allowance, providing they are single and living at home with their parents. If, however, they have a flat with their working partner, then they would lose their Jobseekers Allowance and the partner would have to claim Working Tax Credits in order to replace the JSA. But wait there’s more… According to the Jobcentre, if you are claiming Working Tax Credits and are in employment, with a dependant partner (unemployed partner) then you are ineligible to claim Housing Benefit. This is wrong, however, as Northumberland Council say that there is no limit on how much people can earn before they are ineligible for Housing Benefit. It kind of contradicts what the Jobcentre are saying.

So is it easier just sitting at home, (or should I say lying on your back?), and popping children out OR is it easier going to work, paying taxes to keep the people who just can’t be bothered to contribute towards the countries up keep and bring home between £200-£300 per week to provide for your family? Its obvious what is easier. Yes, some working families will qualify to get Child Benefit as well as their wages but they will have to work for anything else they want.

And the Government call this equality?

Let me tell you what equality would be… making people who are unemployed, regardless if they have children or not, live on the basic £50 per week Jobseekers Allowance and only be able to claim Child Benefit for their FIRST child. All other benefits relating to having children or not having to work should be abolished. Disability Allowance and Sickness Benefit should be stricter on the applicants, making it virtually impossible for people to claim unless they have a serious disability or a extreme health problem. There is nothing wrong with someone who is in a wheelchair, who have full use of their arms and who are of sound mind, to have a desk job. This is why the country is screwed! Because there are too many Government handouts and not enough people putting money back into the country by paying taxes.

If people were made to work for their benefits there would soon be a dramatic reduction in the amount of people applying for benefits. But because we live in a scumbag society that will never happen. People are giving the Government hell because they want to reward the people who are working and give the people who aren’t working less handouts and personally I think that its a good idea. Why should people have to work 30-40 hours a week just to provide a roof over their heads when they could easily just live on benefits and have the country pay for them to live in the same style house? If people can’t afford to live in expensive rented properties then don’t bloody live in them! Working people would have to move if they couldn’t afford to continue to live in their nice houses, so why should benefit claimants get to have the properties and luxuries that working people should have?

Personally, I would rather have minimal money and study than live on benefits and have a dozen children. But then again, I suppose some people can’t resist the appeal of sitting around on their arses, looking after their children and just basically wasting their lives away, while the tax payers pay for them to have iPhones and the latest designer trainers.

No wonder people fiddle their taxes!


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