A few comments to the Daily Mail

Strip OAPs of free bus passes and winter fuel allowance to save £3bn a year, says leading think tank

a) How much are these “think tank” employees getting paid to make these decisions? and b) Shouldn’t the bus passes and heating fuel allowance be means tested so that it is fair for the poorer OAP’s? The amount of oldies that have 61 plate cars is unreal and I bet they STILL have bus passes just because they’re free. Also there are genuine cases where some people can’t afford heating bills etc but don’t their families care about them enough to help out? I know if my parents were elderly I would help them out with bills if they couldn’t afford them. Fine there may be the odd number of people who don’t have family but the majority will, does that not just show how selfish the GB public really is? An easy way to save money would be to only provide bus passes and fuel allowance to those who meet a certain criteria and to also stop giving oldies so many hand outs.
– JennAlla, Northumberland

Please don’t lock up my mum… what will happen to me? Girl, 14, pens letter to judge after mother is convicted of drunken police chase… and she is freed

  • Julie Cairns, 38, went on 60mph chase while FOUR times the drink-drive limit
  • Daughter Sammy Booth wrote she was ‘frightened’ about what would happen if her mother is jailed
  • She escapes with 200 hours of community service

She committed an offence and should be punished for it! What is wrong with the justice system these days?! So what if her daughter wrote in and said she was “frightened” about what would happen to her, The daughter is better off in care anyway as her mother didn’t really seem to care that much about her daughter when she decided to drink drive and pursue in a police chase did she?

And now that the judge has cleared her of 200 hours community service, every drink driver who resists arrest will be getting their children or families to write in letters, with the hope that they will be let off. The justice system in this country is a joke and it gets more and more tragic as the years go on.
-JennAlla, Northumberland 


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