Renewing your car insurance policy is always a pain in the ass, isn’t it? I mean there is nothing more annoying than sitting at a computer comparing prices and seeing who is the cheapest and who provides good value for money compared to your current insurer. Its a long and boring process and I’d rather sit in a room watching grass grow than look for car insurance quotes. But it has to be done.

So why not just stick with your current insurer and save all the hassle of shopping around? Because my current insurer (AutoDirect) have sent me my renewal quote and I am shocked to say the least. 

My car is a 1.0 litre, T reg Micra which was bought for £500 as a temporary car due to my VW Polo biting the dust after 9 months of use. So you would think that a 1.0 litre Micra, covered for only third party, fire and theft would cost pennies to insure wouldn’t you? Insurance group 3 with approx 90,000 miles on it and a driver who has never had any convictions or accidents, how could that possibly cost a fortune? Well they have quoted me £64 a month for 11 months of cover with an upfront payment of £25 just for them to answer the phone and tick a box which tells them that I want to continue my policy. 

The only call I will be making to them is to tell them where to stick their renewal quote. 

I also noticed that in their T&C’s that they have a list of all the things they can charge you extra for, it reads as follows: 

Remuneration (These fees are non-refundable)

  • A fee of UP TO £52 to set-up your insurance policy
  • An administration fee of UP TO £52 to renew your insurance policy
  • A fee of UP TO £15 to issue you with duplicate insurance documents 
  • A fee of UP TO £25 when you ask us to make a change to your insurance policy
  • A fee of UP TO £20 for Direct Debit defaults and returned cheques
  • A fee of UP TO £10 may be charged if you fail to provide the information requested 

FOR CANCELLATION within the 14 days from the later of either the date of the policy or the date you receive your documents we will retain the administration fee for the set-up of your policy and may charge a cancellation fee of £10. After the 14 days we will charge you a cancellation fee of £50. 

So basically they will try and rip you off as soon as they pick up the phone. And if you even make the faintest mistake or need to phone up to change anything on your policy then bam, they will have additional money out of you in an instant. 

And the interest rate they charge is crazy! They have calculated my insurance at £607.31 over 11 months with an interest charge of 36.6% APR which brings the total to £707.50… FOR A 1.0 NISSAN MICRA! 

Are they pissed?! 


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