Hardcore influences and excuses

So I was reading an article on the Daily Mail website and I cannot believe the amount of ignorance people have! There was a 12 year-old boy who raped and sexually assaulted a 9 year-old girl after he had been watching hardcore internet porn and basically he has been let off his sentence because the material he had access to had influenced him to carry out his attack! He raped a 9 year-old girl how can his sentence just have been lifted like that? 

I wonder if someone of the same age had armed themselves with a knife and a hockey mask, slashed half of their class mates and used the excuse of watching too much Friday the 13th, would get the same treatment as this 12 year-old rapist? Somehow I think not.

There is so much media influence these days that it is hard to blame it just on one source and I think that the parents play a major part in this. I mean at the end of the day should it not have been up to the parents to make sure that the computer their son had access to couldn’t be used to search for porn? Its hardly rocket science is it? Surely they had some idea that he would start and be curious about what he see’s on TV, what he hears his friends talking about and what is portrayed in the media? Even songs on the radio could be classed as an influence but none of these would suffice as a good enough excuse for committing rape and sexual assault, so why should watching a video, where two people are having consensual sex, be classed as a good enough excuse for this boys actions?

Now, I apologise in advance for the amount of disappointed men there will be after they read this but believe it or not porn films aren’t real! They are not made to influence people in anyway and the women in those video’s are actresses and they have given their consent to whatever they are performing. They are fantasies just the way action films and horror films are.

However, if porn and sex are seen as a forbidden topic of conversation or a “naughty” thing to watch then obviously people are going to access it more, especially younger people. Why is sex and porn seen as such a big prude thing anyway? Its just a video of two (or more) people doing what the majority of us have done anyway.

Sex is a natural part of life, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t, so I think people just need to get off their soap boxes about the whole porn issue and just admit that the 12-year-old boy clearly had psycho issues. End of the day he is a rapist regardless of his age.

End of.


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