Prisoners and the vote

I found this on the Daily Mail website and I must say that I am disgusted that the ECHR think they can step in and change things just because prisoners don’t have the rights that the rest of society have. They are criminals! Low-lives. Scum of the earth and all the other things that comes with being a murderer, rapist or paedophile etc. These people shouldn’t have rights! 

How can the ECHR say that we are infringing Human Rights when the people whose rights have been taken away are criminals? They should be punished every single day until their sentence has been served, in my opinion. But no we can’t allow that to become law because that would be infringing their Human Rights. We can’t pose the death sentence any more due to it going against peoples Human Rights and we can’t treat prisoners like the scum that they are because guess what? It infringes their Human Rights! 

The article then goes on to say that at least 2,500 prisoners have gone on to log claims for compensation… Well of course they have! The ECHR have basically told them that they will get money because they have committed a serious offence and have had their voting rights removed from them. It is completely mad! 

Surely it shouldn’t be up to some unelected judges, who are hundreds of miles away, to decide what’s best for our country? You’d of thought so wouldn’t you? 

But wait, here’s the best part. The ECHR judges who have came up with this brainwave don’t need to have any judicial experience in their homeland to become a judge for the ECHR in the first place. So not only do we have people outside the UK controlling what happens in our country but we also have people who possibly have no experience, therefore no idea, about how the judicial process works or how it is even decided. That is really reassuring isn’t it? No? I didn’t think it was.

Of course, well all know what will happen. The law will be changed because it will be easier giving in to the ECHR instead of the Government having to grow a pair and pull us out of the EU. The ECHR get their own way about the vote, the prisoners will get their compensation and the amount of tax people have to pay will go up. 

So with reference to the above facts, who is losing out? Yes, the people who will be paying more tax so the prisoners get their compensation. Because it’s not as if the tax payer pays for keeping the prisoners in the first place is it?


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