A&E: Sorry we’re closed

The last article I read was about the 7 month old girl who died after being turned away from A&E at Stafford Hospital. Holly Waters, was found unconscious in her cot and was rushed to Stafford hospital only to be refused access due to the A&E department being closed at night. There was also an emergency on the children’s ward of the hospital which resulted in the paramedics driving Holly 22 miles to another hospital. 

Unfortunately, Holly was pronounced dead on arrival. 

This makes me so mad! How can a hospital A&E have opening times? It is disgusting! A hospital should never turn people away, but turning away a 7 month old baby who was clearly an emergency is just sick. They could have saved little Holly’s life but instead they were too busy attending to another emergency. 

And who will get the punishment for the death of baby Holly? No one. No one will get punished for it because the way the hospital will see it is that they couldn’t take her due to them being poorly staffed. It is shocking. Surely they could have spared one member of staff? Even if it was to have a check over until a doctor became available, that may have prevented the death of the child. 

This country needs a bloody good kick up the arse and something needs to be done about the number of deaths being caused by hospital incompetence. I can only hope that the person responsible for turning the paramedics away can live with the consequences of their actions because if they’d had the balls to stand up to whoever was in charge of turning people away maybe they could have saved baby Holly. 

People make me sick. 


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