Skype daughter slaughter

I haven’t really had much time to blog lately with my exams and moving house but finally I can sit and have a good read through some of the news articles and write about some of the ones which have really got under my skin or which have shocked me to the core. 

This article is about the London Accountant who dominated his Norwegian girlfriend into abusing her child as he watched on Skype. 

The accountant allegedly instructed the victims mother to punish her daughter in a number of acts including; spraying the childs face with a bottle of water, forcing her to stay awake, making her eat chilli powder, make the child stand in the ‘naughty corner’ with her legs bound, forced the child to sleep on the floor and held the child head under running water in the sink. However, it was the act of lifting the child by the ankles and dunking her head into a bucket of water which finally resulted in the child’s death. 

The mother confessed to police, when she was arrested, that the married London accountant, who she was in a relationship with, had directed her to abuse her child and had done so since they started their relationship in April. 

The child was 15 months old and they committed the abuse as they chatted on the phone and over the internet via Skype. The London accountant also instructed for the girl to be hit in the face and on the bottom with a flat hand, to be sat naked in the shower and showered with cold water, tape her mouth when she cried, put a sock in her mouth and left tied to a chair in the hallway. 

It is claimed that the accountant confessed to his part in the 7 month campaign of abuse and even admitted directing the act which led to the child’s death. 

The charge for the mother is manslaughter and the accountant will be extradited to Norway and is accused with cruelty of a child and manslaughter. He will remand in custody until his full extradition hearing in October. 

After reading this article I was horrified. How can anyone do that to anyone, let alone a 15 month old child? It’s barbaric! And why did the mother go ahead with these instructions? Surely the life of her child meant more to her than the affair with the married accountant? 

Surely any normal parent would have contacted the police the moment the abuse was suggested? 

Yes, it is well said that people never, ever fail to surprise me. But manslaughter? Is that really the correct form of punishment for these two? They openly abused a child which led to her death. Prison on a manslaughter charge seems too small a punishment for what they did to that poor child. I mean manslaughter is what? 15 years in prison? That is a disgrace. 



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