The Brief Justice

Here I am sitting in my living room, watching The Briefs on ITV. I love watching programmes like this as it really shows how the justice system works and it also makes the people who are clients on here look like the scum that they are.

The bloke who was blackmailing Mrs Rooney should have just been shot from day one because he is a complete waste of space. He walked out of court and went to the pub because he was “too stressed” and he failed to turn up to his appointment with his Lawyer. He just doesn’t care about the crime he has committed, which is making him look even more guilty than he already does. He is just pure scum. He even turned up to court in a beanie hat and a tracky! He is trying to make a jury believe he is not guilty and he turns up looking like he couldn’t even give a shit about being there. Its pathetic.

As for the 60+ year old woman who was arrested for the possession of drugs with the intent to supply, well she deserves everything she gets because she is just wasting the tax payers money by being on trial. Just put her behind bars and there might be a slight chance that she might reform, but I seriously doubt it.

The man who was getting advice on his charge of burglary has had 22 previous convictions of burglary so he is obviously guilty. Is there any point in actually going through with a trial for this person? He is guilty, he has admitted as much, so why are they even bothering with a trial?

It makes me wonder about how the government can’t see that there needs to be a reform in the justice system. I mean surely the best solution would be to bring in the death penalty? That way there would be no repeat offenders and therefore less offences would be committed and that would also mean that it would be impossible for repeat offenders to offend again.

Would that not make the country a better place to be? Would it not help the tax payers if they didn’t have to pay for trials and the up keep of these offenders once they have been sentenced to how ever many years in prison? It shouldn’t be up to the people who bust their guts at work to pay for the people who break the law, surely it should be down to the families of the offenders?

My theory would be to bring in a system where the offender gets sent to prison as long as their family can pay for their upkeep, as soon as they can’t afford it and if the offender has been sentenced for an indictment crime such as murder, manslaughter, rape etc, then they should just be put to death. That way the tax payer doesn’t have to keep the offender and the offender and their family has to take some sort of financial responsibility for the crimes committed.

But of course my theory wouldn’t be seen as fair, it would be a breach of the offenders Human Rights and all that crap so the justice system will continue to be soft on offenders and unfair on the victims. And they say there’s justice in the world?


2 comments on “The Brief Justice

  1. Interesting post! Are you still studying law Jen?
    I am minded to consider all those people I used to assist when they found themselves in custody due to behaviours associated with mental illness. Where do you stand on that one? And should families be held responsible for their members misdemeanours? How does that chime with a personal responsibility model of justice? It’s an intriguing thought but it is possible to imagine many families who would merely set an unpopular member up…
    If only because of the statistics on mistakes and miscarriages of justice in the US, it is a blessing that capital punishment will never be reinstituted here. Quite apart from the negative characteristic it endows a nation. We have come a long way in a short time!

    • I think that if mental issues can be proven then yes it might not be the person’s actual fault that they committed the crime but that is all taken into consideration isn’t it?

      As for the families having to pay for the upkeep then I stand by my opinion as a lot of families either don’t see what the offender has done wrong or have done wrong themselves. And it would only really count toward immediate family members such as wife, husband, etc.

      Also the miscarriage of justice in the US is different to the miscarriage of justice here, the USA is larger than the UK by a vast amount so there is more miscarriages of justice.

      I still think that if there death penalty was brought in there would be less crimes committed as people are afraid of death, obviously there would be no re-offenders so that would also save the country a lot of money in the long term as they wouldn’t need to keep sending the same people back to prison. Of course, I would only imply the death sentence to indictable crimes, such as rape, murder, manslaughter etc.

      There is no way that people can say that there would be a miscarriage of justice of a paedophile was put to death or a rapist? If they were accused then there had to be a good enough reason for it. The only way that I would sentence people was if the jury was 100% convinced that the defendant was guilty, if there was uncertainty then they would remain in prison until a decision of guilty or not guilty has been made.

      The way the justic system is at the moment doesn’t serve any justice to the victims of the crimes. If someone murders another, then, in my opinion, they should be put to death because what right did they have to play god and take the life of another? Same with paedophiles, they should all be rounded up and shot, not put in a prison cell for a few years. Their victims have to live with what the offenders did to them, why should the offenders get off so lightly?

      And besides, prison is just like a boarding camp these days as they have pool tables and playstations, so where is the punishment and justice in that?

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