Do your chores!

Reading articles on the news websites are what gives me the inspiration to write my posts so its no surprise that a post was going to be created when I read the story of a burglar who got sentenced to do chores around the house. The 18-year-old, who also has a history of using cannabis, had broken into two houses after a family argument and had made off with stolen good, which were later recovered. The judge sentenced him to a drug rehabilitation course, to help his parents around the house and 120 unpaid community work. If he fails to carry out the chores he is asked to do then his mother has to notify the court and he will be sent straight to prison. Does anyone else see a problem here? He is 18, he has a history of drug abuse, he burgled not one but two houses in on night and he gets sentenced to 120 hours community service and has to help out around the house. Has he not just got off Scott free? And as for his mother having to tell the court if he doesn’t do what he is asked, well that is just ridiculous! What mother is going to rent on their son, knowing that the outcome will be a prison sentence? Its just not going to happen. So how long is a sentence for burglary? Section 9 (3) of the Theft Act states that; “A person guilty of burglary shall on conviction on indictment be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding— (a) where the offence was committed in respect of a building or part of a building which is a dwelling, fourteen years; (b) in any other case, ten years.“ So in other words the offender should be sentenced to between ten and fourteen years in prison if found guilty. Not sentenced to dish washing and bed making. End of the day, he committed the crime and got found guilty so he should have gone to prison like any other convicted burglar, but here, the judge might as well have smacked his arse and said “don’t do it again!”


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