A rant about oldies

Being late is annoying enough but being late and getting stuck behind an oldie, driving at 20mph on a 60mph road, is infuriating! The roads between where I live and the a1 are all country lanes, where overtaking is impossible. So you can imagine how annoying it became when I got stuck behind a Ford Fusion pottering along at 20mph and breaking every time there was a slight bend un the road or a puddle. Unfortunately I was stuck behind this driver until I got to the a1 because every time I was about to pass there was either a blind corner or an oncoming vehicle. This got me thinking about old people. Why do they potter around at slow-ass mph and generally take the piss while they’re on the roads? What is that all about? Its not going to kill you if you take it up to 40 or even 50 mph! Just put your bloody foot down! The other thing which gets me about oldies is when they’re out shopping. Why have they got to have a full on conversation with the cashier? It just holds people up and makes everyone late because they’re fannying on. Like the other day, I was in the Co-op and there was an old couple in front of me getting served. They paid for their shopping then decided they wanted the lottery on, then they decided to buy some raffle tickets and finally had a full on conversation with the cashier about the hamper they’d get if thy on the raffle… I DON’T CARE! I just want to get my shopping and be on my way. I don’t want to be standing in a queue for 10 minutes just because some oldies can’t make up their minds about a couple of poxy raffle tickets! I eventually got served and went back to my car thinking that I couldn’t possibly get stuck behind another dithery driver. I was wrong, this time I got stuck behind an oldie at the petrol station. Just my luck. Before I even thought about getting out of the car I had to wait because they had taken up two pumps by parking in the middle of them. So I had to wait. I waited and waited, noticed that the car was only a 1.2 so shouldn’t take that long to fill up. Was still waiting five minutes later. Finally they put the petrol cap back on and opened the door to get their money out of the car. They then went in to pay for their petrol and came back out only to spend an age in the car before pulling away. I got my petrol, paid and was on the way to uni. I unfortunately got caught up behind the oldies who were at the garage and was stuck behind them all the way from the petrol station to the a1, again with no way of passing them. By the time I pulled up at uni I was stressed to the max with driving. Luckily I knew the drive home would be better as there’s not as many oldies on the roads after 9pm… thank God! I then started thinking about speeding. Motorist’s get stopped for speeding because its classed as dangerous driving so shouldn’t driving too slow be classed as a driving offence too? Yes it poses less of a risk to pedestrians but it poses a bigger risk to other road users as they’re having to break hard to slow down which means the people behind them have to do the same and so on. This effect will eventually end up causing a collision of some sort. And who will it be down to? Not the oldies who have caused the traffic to slow down in the first place, that’s for sure. No I think that if you’re holding traffic up on a national speed limit road and an accident occurs due to your slow driving, you should be convicted for it. Simple as that. I also think people should have to take a driving test every year after the age if 60. It would make life a lot easier for the motorist’s who just want to get on with their day without unnecessary delays. The drive home was much better and as soon as I got on to the a1 my car was constantly at 60 mph.


2 comments on “A rant about oldies

  1. I reported a little old lady who could hardly see over the dashboard once. She was all over Grandstand Rd in Newcastle, a busy dual carriageway. The police visited and later told me that she had voluntarily surrendered her license. They were very keen to say that more people should alert them to any dangerous driving. They cannot initiate prosecution but can warn and monitor. I’ve done it when witnessing mobile phone users and speeding kids on the Estuary too!

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