A rant about drivers

Another article on the Daily Mail’s website had my blood boiling as I read about the idiots in the BMW’s which collided on the M1.

It got me thinking about the argument I’d had earlier this week about the kind of people who drive BMW’s. Has anyone ever noticed that BMW drivers usually drive right up your arse or cut in front of you? They always drive as if they’re the only ones on the road and, hell, if one is behind you then get out of the way or they’ll be on your bumper for until they can undertake you.

They are pure idiots. And I don’t know why they drive around like they’re superior over other road users, so what they have a BMW, big deal. What do they want? A medal?

The accident on the M1 involved two BMW’s racing, they collided at 140 mph and it resulted in 2 people being killed and the M1 being closed for 6 hours, inconveniencing hundreds of people and making driving even more frustrating for those who just wanted to get to their destinations.

However, I fail to understand, why it seemed like such a good idea to race in the first place? I mean surely they knew there would be a risk of an accident or fatality if something went wrong?

It’s selfish idiots like this who put the insurance premiums up. Careful drivers get penalised because of a few big-headed losers who can’t handle the size of their engines. Drivers like this need to seriously grow up and realise the dangers they are putting other road users in when they decided to ‘race’ on a motorway.

“Oh look at me I can get my car to 140 mph!” And? Doesn’t make you great pal, just makes you reckless and completely stupid.

Thinking of this, however, it isn’t just BMW drivers who are the idiots. It seems to be Audi drivers too.

I was going home on Saturday, doing 60mph on the single carriageway of the A1 and an Audi driver pulls out right in front of me, causing me to slam on my breaks because if I didn’t I would have gone into him. Arsehole! And of course it wouldn’t of been his fault would it?

What possesses these people to drive like complete idiots? When they go to the garage do they put their brains down as deposits for their cars?! I mean why the hell do they need to act like they own the roads?

I drive a Vauxhall Astra, I pay road tax and insurance just like they do, and you don’t see me driving like I have a death wish. I just hope that racing around is worth it because if you drive over 100mph and the police see you, its an instant ban from driving. But that’s not my problem is it?


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