Fourth identity and another chance to re-offend

Jon Venables, the scumbag who killed Jamie Bulger, has managed, yet again, to come out of prison with a new identity after being prosecuted for possessing child abuse images. 

The cost of each new identity costs the taxpayer, on average, a whopping £25,000! Thats a staggering one million pounds just to protect the scumbag! Why should we pay for someone to be protected when they are sentenced time after time? 

Personally, I think that he should have been put to death after him and Thompson abducted and killed Jamie Bulger in 1993, then at least there wouldn’t be the need to protect him today. And its not as if prison was going to rehabilitate him, he was convicted time and time again so there was no way he was going to be reformed. He is no good to society and will only reoffend and get another new identity. 

And why should it be up to the British tax-payers to fund him being kept? The people who are working to keep the idiot won’t be as well-off as him, and because he has been convicted etc he won’t be employable therefore costing the country more money in benefits. And dare anyone employ him? What if his real identity comes out? I’m more than sure there would be a few colleagues willing to risk losing their jobs just so they could have a pop at him. 

The whole system is just wrong. We shouldn’t be paying millions to keep people who are no good to society, we should be bringing back the death penalty so people like Venables cannot reoffend and abuse the system. 

However, as much as the majority of the country want the death penalty back, it will never be brought back because the do-gooders and socialists will protect the rights of offenders.

It is absolutely disgraceful! 


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