Virgin Money v Cheque Centre: Don’t know who’s worse!

Cheque Centre is the worst place to possibly work. And surprisingly it’s not because of its cliental.

N worked at Cheque Centre for 4 weeks and was told that even though he was employees for 20 hours a week he would be in full time (40 hours a week) training for 4 weeks and be getting paid for the full 40 hours.

After the 4 weeks he was called into a review and his probationary contract was terminated due to him not knowing most of the things he should because he hadn’t been trained by the right person as this person was in holiday for most of the time he was there. And he also wasn’t told about completion of overtime sheets.

However due to his bank account being closed during his employment he thought that he could phone Cheque Centres payroll department and get it paid into his girlfriends account. Now you’d think somewhere which deals with money would have the correct systems for putting money into other bank accounts wouldn’t you? But he was told he would need an account in his name because they don’t have the provisions to pay his owed wages into his girlfriends account.

After finally getting a new bank account with Virgin Money he phoned them and gave them the new details… Job done. Or so he thought.

He received his pay cheque and was £550 underpaid. So he went in to complain and was told the money would be in his account by his pay day…

Pay day: checks bank account and finds that the £550 hadn’t been out into his account. He went into Cheque Centre and was told it would be in his account later that day.

Then he went to Virgin Money. His account was still not processed and he couldn’t access his money. He was then told to phone the customer services helpline only to be told that for ID they’d asked for wasn’t sufficient enough to verify who he was and that they wanted photographic ID which he didn’t have. Why did they allow him to open an account and allow his wages to be paid in if they were going to reject the ID and bounce the money back to Cheque Centre?

So now he can’t get the money he’s owed due to his account not being able to be opened and Cheque Centre can’t pay him via another account because of their payment system.

Now what the hell is he supposed to do? He’s tried getting a bank account with other banks with no success and he’s still being told that he can’t get the money he has worked for which he needs as he is also in the middle of moving house.

Wouldn’t you think a bank and a short-term loan centre would have the facilities and the competency to get something right? Considering they are both dealing with other peoples money and not their own?

Both companies are completely useless and should be shut down immediately due to the incompetency of the managers and staff.

I can understand about all the money laundering risks etc but for gods sake wouldn’t you think they’d find another way of sorting things without leaving him with nothing to live on? They’re messing about with someone’s life and all because someone can’t do their job properly in the bloody first place!


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