Benefits Street: a haven for the modern-day scrounger

Well I must say the first episode of Benefits Street, which was aired on Channel 4 on Monday (6th January 2014), really got a lot of people pissed off with the way the current benefits system works. 

I was watching the program as well as watching the #BenefitsStreet trend on Twitter and it was unsurprising that the majority of the posts circulated around how unfair it was that hard working people were worse off than some of the “participants” on the show. 

So how many of us noticed the “jobseekers” who had two iPhone’s and a brand new Blackberry? Or the number of new cars there were on the street? Or how the houses were like a bomb-site? How can people who don’t work and who do nothing with their days, have houses that are so untidy? 

Now is it just me or is it apparent that the people on the street were basically bragging about not having to work? There was a couple of them saying they were financially unstable, yet in the background there is a 50 inch plasma TV and they still have enough money for their cigarettes and Skol Super Strong. 

I have to comment on the couple who was complaining of having nothing but £30 child benefit a week to live on. This is only because they were caught committing benefit fraud by the way, but they thought that it was unfair treatment for the DWP not to award them any other benefits apart from child benefit. You had fraudulently claimed £1500 a month! Why should the country just let it go and continue allowing you to claim the benefits that you would have been entitled to if you hadn’t of committed fraud? If I had it my way they wouldn’t of even been getting child benefit! They’d of been offered the chance to do 40 hours community service for the basic rate benefits if I was in charge. But this country is far too soft on the benefit fraudsters.

How many of the people on that show could have got off their backsides and got a job? Answer: Majority of them with the remaining ones being sent to prison for theft or handling stolen goods.  And what was it with the lack of bras around that place? Honestly, I think the woman who called herself “White Dee” needs to sacrifice a pack of cigarettes and invest in a bra which won’t make her breasts look like her knees. 

And what was it with the woman who called herself “Black Dee”? Did she honestly think being a vile cretin to the people on the phone about her eviction letter was going to get her anywhere? I mean this is just an idea but instead of being aggressive towards the people who pay taxes in order for you to sit on your arse doing nothing, get a job and pay your bloody rent! 

I have to say, the best part of the whole Twitter debate was the guy who tweeted “That street has more sofa’s than a DFS showroom #BenefitsStreet” Have to agree though, did you see how many sofa’s there was on the street?! At least they can’t say they can’t afford a sofa, they just need to go and pick one up from along the road. Can’t believe it. 

And how stupid are these people? You’re a career shop lifter so it might be an idea, after being released from prison, to change your name from Shoplifter Dave. And to also go to another place as opposed to the place you’ve been told by the courts to stay away from. Also might be an idea not to kick off with the police as they will just arrest you… Maybe someone should have told Shoplifter Dave that though? 

Another thing I noticed about “White Dee”, everyone went to her for advice. What is she? The bloody Oracle of Benefits Street? Screw going to Citizens Advice to get things sorted. Christ. Get your lives in order, you bunch of scrounging mongs. 

Argh, that TV show really annoyed me, however, I will be watching it next week just so I can get more agitated and start yet another war on Twitter with the members of society who defend the unemployed scroungers of the country. 


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