C.S.A- The single mothers dream.

Having to deal with C.S.A (Child Support Agency) can be a nightmare, especially if you’re the parent who is working and having to fork out a fortune for your ex to basically take a percentage of your wages.

My partner has two children with his ex. He never sees the kids due to her being a complete waste of time and space and also because if he didn’t see the kids then she would get more money out of him (according to the incompetent staff at C.S.A).

We worked out how much C.S.A would take off him in a number of different circumstances;

1) If he was on benefits they’d take £5.00 a week from his benefit

2) If he worked 24 hours a week on National Minimum Wage, C.S.A would take £86.67 a month from his wages.

3) If he worked 37.5 hours a week on National Minimum Wage, C.S.A. would take £182.00 a month. A full time minimum wage job would mean he would have £768.53 a month left over to pay his rent, bills etc after C.S.A took their cut and after tax and national insurance.

And finally we calculated if he worked for £20,000 a year then C.S.A would take £268.67 a month. So the more he earns the more she gets for doing absolutely nothing. And before you say she looks after the kids, I wouldn’t even say she does that, as she leaves that up to her new partner.

But don’t think the monthly amount that gets deducted from his wages goes straight to the ex, no, C.S.A take a cut for administration fees so his ex would get less than the figure they deduct (not much less though).

The other thing that really annoys me is that they worked his C.S.A payments out on his wages before tax. So by the time he was actually paid, he was working a week for nothing. How is that fair?

Now a little background about the ex… She doesn’t work, she claims benefits and is also claiming D.L.A (Disability Living Allowance) as the oldest child has type one diabetes, she has a new partner who is also claiming D.L.A due to him being epileptic, they don’t pay their rent as they are getting housing benefit, they only have to pay for their mobiles, gas, electric and food. So she basically has more to live on than we do.She also bragged to my partner at one point, that after all her bills are paid she had over £700 a month left to do whatever she wanted with, resulting in her having more money than what my partner was earning.

Now, say her and the new partner split, due to her having a child with him as well as two to my partner, between the two fathers she would get £286.00 a month. £286.00 a month for basically lying on her back and getting pregnant. And, of course, that is before she receives her benefits, so after receipt of benefits she’s easily getting £676.70 a month for doing nothing. Isn’t life fabulous? And the government wonder why the country is in such a mess?

And you’d think C.S.A would take into account living expenses of the paying party. Well they don’t. They leave you with just enough to live on and if you have any other financial commitments such as loan repayments etc then that is just tough. It is a useless and unfair system and it really isn’t surprising that people feel the need not to work or allow their children to see their fathers. Why would they want to share custody when clearly they’d get more money being a single parent and cutting the father out of the children’s lives?

No wonder the lazy cow doesn’t want to work, she’s getting everything handed to her on a plate and probably gets more money for doing sod all than what she’d get if she was actually working. It isn’t my partners choice not to see his children, he tries to arrange visits all the time but she always comes up with some excuse as to why she can’t make it. Last excuse was because she was moving her new partner into her house. At a weekend when the kids are off nursery? Would it not have made more sense to move while the kids were at nursery? And its not like her and her new partner have to work around employment commitments because they don’t work. No, she wants her new little family and still get money from my partner but without my partner having contact with his kids.

The system needs a major reform, starting with the closure of C.S.A for those who are in receipt of more than £250 a month and by also closing benefit claims for single mothers who have been unemployed for more than 2 years. If you’re not willing to put into the state then why should you be entitled to take anything out?

But of course this will never happen because the country is full of socialists claiming that “being a mother is a full time job” not when the kids are in nursery five days a week it’s not. If people can’t afford to have kids then they shouldn’t have them. Sounds harsh but in fairness the people who work shouldn’t have to pay for the slags who just spend their lives on their backs to get out of getting a job.

We actually did a calculation on entitledto.co.uk to findout just how much his ex would receive in benefits. The results were shocking! She’d recieve a total of £25,604.10 a year, that’s £2133.39 a month (£491.39 a week). If you minus the housing benefit and council tax credit the amount she actually gets becomes £20,261.28 a year/£1688.41 a month/£389.64 a week. Take off the bills she has to pay such as gas, electric, food and her mobile phone bill and the total becomes £18,041.28 a year/£1503.44 a month/£346.94 a week to do what ever she wants with. And that’s not including the CSA payments she gets, the above figures are only what she receives in benefits. Add the CSA figures stated earlier and the total becomes sickening. No wonder the lazy cow doesn’t want to get a job! There’s no way she’d earn what she is getting at the moment if she was working.

Its a bloody disgrace!


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