Gone Girl- A Review

After reading the book by Gillian Flynn, I decided that I had to go and see the film. And I was not disappointed.
Usually when films are based on books a lot of the story line is cut from production, however with Gone Girl that was not the case.

So what’s it about? **spoiler alert**

Well basically it’s about a couple who have been married for 5 years, they both lose their jobs, the wife has to lend her trust fund back to her parents due to them struggling financially, which her husband isn’t exactly thrilled about, and the wife “goes missing” on their 5th wedding anniversary. The police, as per, suspect the husband (Nick Dunne) for murdering his wife however the plot reveals that his wife (Amazing Amy) is actually alive and framing him for her murder.

The way she plants evidence framing her husband is creepily brilliant; she plans a treasure hunt (she did this every year for their anniversary) to lead him to all the places he’d cheated on her, she rakes up debt in his name, bumps up the life insurance which she asks him to file, writes a journal, which incriminates his as an abusive husband and leaves it in the furnace of his fathers empty house, befriends a neighbour and spins her lies about being pregnant and leaves a creepy way via Punch and Judy dolls of claiming he killed her… It’s all a very twisted way of revenge for when she finds out her husband is having an affair and that he has stopped being the man she fell in love with.

Anyway, in the end she sees a television show which has her husband being interviewed about her disappearance and she decides to go back to him. After she kills her old college boyfriend (slits his throat with a box cutter) who had put her up in his lake house, and alleges that he had actually abducted her and sexually abused her daily.

However, her husband isn’t as stupid as she thinks and he works it all out but she has another twist to her sick little plan, she uses some of the sperm he had deposited in a sperm bank to get pregnant knowing he won’t leave her if he was going to be a dad…

So very messed up but an absolute must see, or must read, for any psychological thriller fans.


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