Too fat to work

After watching Benefits and Bypasses on Channel 5, I decided to research into the issue that is hitting the NHS and benefit system. Alarmingly, I found  couple of articles on the Mirrors website and the results were horrific.

Rochelle is 21 years old and weighs 32 stone. She claims that she cannot work because her weight makes her fall asleep throughout the day. However, on the Benefits and Bypasses program she was able to sit and watch videos on YouTube without falling asleep… Figures.

The article stated that Rochelle gained 13 stone in 4 years by purely “eating out of boredom”.- I have to say that when I’m bored I find something to do like read a book, not raid the fridge and cupboards. It also included in the article that she receives £18,712 a year in benefits which is equivalent to a £22,000 taxable annual salary, which is also, shockingly, more than a nurses salary.

Rochelle commented to the Mail Online “I would love to have a job, I didn’t choose to be like this”. I’d say that eating out of boredom and binging on take-away’s is a personal choice, wouldn’t you? After all no one is forcing the food down your throat are they?

Doctors have told Rochelle to lose weight, however, she has requested to have a state-funded support worker to help her to write meal plans… You can write all the meal plans you want love but you have to actually stick to them. And why should the taxpayers fund even more help for you? If you’re not willing to help yourself then why should anyone else help you?
She has even been offered half-price gym membership, part-funded by the NHS, but has refused the offer due to her claiming that it is too painful for her to walk… Bet she has no problem walking to the fridge though? Rochelle’s receives £411 Personal Independence Payment a month as well as £260 Employment and Support Allowance a fortnight. She also gets her £135 a week rent fully covered by housing benefit.

She has even sparked criticism from the group Taxpayers Alliance, which has stated that the benefit system should not become a “comfort blanket” and that people should “get themselves in shape” in order to work.

A current poll, at the end of the article, on the Mirror’s website poses the question; should obese people get more help from the NHS? The results were as follows: Yes 41%, No 59%… I voted no, obviously.

Rochelle is only one of a vast number of people claiming benefits because they are “too fat to work”.

Jodie is 28 stone and has refused NHS weight-loss surgery so she can stay on benefits. She needs a mobility scooter in order to get around, however, she complains about this as her boyfriend had to buy it because the NHS wouldn’t give her one for free. She has repeatedly been offered free gastric band operations which she has constantly refused because, and she quoted, “I would rather just go on like I am and be on benefits than go under the knife.” And I’m pretty sure the taxpayers would rather not pay tax than fund selfish dole-dwellers, however, the taxpayers don’t have a choice.

She claims a huge £75,000 a year in benefits which includes £315 Disability Living Allowance, £360 Income Support and full Housing Benefit per month. Plus due to her weight she also receives help to bathe. But if that isn’t enough, she believes she should have a free cleaner because she is “too big” to keep her home hygienic… Even though she lives with her unemployed boyfriend who is probably more than capable to get off his lazy ass and clean their home.

Jodie started claiming sickness benefit when she was 19 years-old and was then bedbound for 2 years due to her size. She also suffers from a string of obesity-related illnesses including; lipoedema, which is a long-term chronic condition that causes fluid retention in the legs and lower body, and type-two diabetes that she has to take medication for in order to control the condition. Her daily food intake consists of a fry-up or sausage roll for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, crisps for a snack and a large portion of pasta for dinner- not exactly what I would call a balanced diet.

A spokesman from the National Obesity Forum stated “the amount of people claiming they are too fat to work is truly shocking and Jodie’s a shining example of how the disability allowance is being exploited. If a medical problem is causing the obesity then there is a social responsibility to help that person. But when forced with someone refusing that help, they should have their benefits cut.”

I completely agree with the above statement, people who are not willing to help themselves lose weight and get into work should have their benefits cut. It’s not cruel, it’s for their own good. However, this will never happen due to the amount of do-gooders who believe that it would make the claimants lives harder.

The Daily Mail also published an article which stated that almost 12,000 people in the UK are deemed too fat to work, costing the country a whopping £54 million. The article also stated that the number of claimants with obesity-related illnesses have more than doubled within the past 5 years and that obesity costs the NHS £9 billion a year.
In 2013, the 12,000 claimants received Disability Living Allowance because they suffered from metabolic disease, which is the medical term for a combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Although some of the claimants are actually in employment, the vast majority are out of work. Recipients can claim up to £138 a week in Disability Living Allowance.

So there we have it… Not only do we have the people who have kids in order to abuse the benefit system, we also have people who are willing to risk their health by becoming obese in order to not get a job. This just comes to prove how much of a mess Labour got the country in by making the benefit system so easy to abuse. If people can get something for nothing chances are they probably will, and the way these people will see it is ‘why should we work if we can get more money on benefits for becoming fat?’… Personally I would rather have my health than be obese but then again I would prefer to work rather than live on taxpayers hand-outs.


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