Too fat to work II

The topic of the NHS and benefit system struggling because of people who are too fat to work has peeked my interests so I decided to research into the matter.

Stephen Beer and Michelle Coome (now Michelle Beer) claim that t hey are too fat to work. Stephen (Steve) is 45 years-old and weighs 31 stone. He has a carer, funded by the taxpayers (surprise, surprise) costing £8,000 a year, to assist him with bathing and getting dressed.
Michelle is 43 years-old and weighs 23 stone. She has been unemployed for at least 3 years and apparently cannot work due to her size.

Together the couple claim more than £20,000 a year in benefits because of their weight and weight-related problems. And believe it or not, they claim that it’s not their fault they’re too fat to work, it’s the Governments fault, apparently… Of course it is, I’m sure David Cameron and all the other MPs have nothing better to do with their time than to force feed you £12  kebabs. Maybe if you actually stuck to the slimming classes that you both attend then you might be able to lose some weight.

The couple have also boasted about their £3,000 wedding, which, yep you guessed it, was funded by the taxpayers. The wedding breakfast cost £1,000 plus an additional £450 for the evening buffet which consisted of kebabs… Classy.

Another case of someone being unemployed due to being overweight is 18 year-old Amy Johnson who tops the scales at an alarming 32 stone and has a BMI of 74.5.

She receives £485 a month in benefits including Disability Living Allowance due to her being almost immobile, she is unable to wash herself and suffers from chronic joint pain. Amy also gets her rent fully paid for via Housing Benefit.
Amy’s weight-related health problems are so severe she has been left housebound and is therefore unable to gain employment. She claims that she is only as “big” because of an unhealthy diet of ready meals and takeaways.

In order to assist Amy to eat healthier, Closer Magazine gave her a nutrition plan, however, she failed to stick to it. She told Closer; “I feel bad I can’t work and that I’m claiming benefits, but it’s not my fault I’m fat.” Well it’s no one else’s fault is it? No one is forcing you to gorge yourself on junk food morning, noon and night! Take some responsibility for the way you are and stop blaming other people!

Another article I stumbled across during my research was about a mother and a daughter claiming they are too unwell to work due to their weight. The mother, Janice, is 44 years-old and weighs 26 stone while her daughter, Amber, is 25 years-old and weighs 17 stone.

Together they receive more than £30,000 a year in benefits and claim they “deserve the money”. Also, due to their size, they both have been given mobility scooters so they can get around- entirely funded by the taxpayers, of course.  Their houses have also been adapted by their local council to accommodate their size. But as well as her benefits and mobility scooter, Janice also has a disability car worth £15,000. And despite the cost to the Great British taxpayers, plus the dangers to both their lives, they refuse to diet as they claim it makes no difference. Janice told The Mirror; “I”d rather my daughter live life on benefits being fat and happy than being depressed and thin.” And obviously she’d get more benefits for being fat than “depressed and thin”.

Janice has various health problems due to her weight, which include; diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol and angina. She receives £620 a month in Employment and Support Allowance and £330 a month in Disability Living Allowance. She also told The Mirror; “I paid into the tax system for over 10 years and I deserve the money I get.”

Amber also has diabetes due to her weight and she receives £400 a month in Employment and Support Allowance as well as £430 a month to cover the rent on her flat. She also claims Disability Living Allowance due to the recurring problems with her leg, which she broke when she was 22 years-old.

The Mirror held a poll on their website at the end of the article, asking; Do Janice and Amber deserve their £30,000 in benefits?’ The results were; Yes 4% and No 96%… I’m glad to see that 96% of the people who voted have their heads screwed on.

One thing all these people have in common, other than being too fat to work, is that they all have told numerous sources that healthy foods are too expensive. But is it? With the amount of benefits each of these people receive I’m more than sure they could afford healthy alternatives to kebabs and other junk foods. The again they would also not get as much money if they were healthy and deemed fit to work. Fact is that these people are just too lazy to work!


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