A big rescue for the emergency services

Georgia is 22 years-old and weighs 55 stone. It took 7 hours, 2 cranes, 7 police cars, 2 fire engines and 11 medics to rescue her from her flat.

The Daily Mail reported that the scene looked like a ‘military operation’ and as if a disaster had occurred. The immediate area was screened from the public with tarpaulin, roads were cordoned off so no traffic was able to get to nearby schools. For 7 hours there was a pure state of ‘mayhem’. And all f this just to get Georgia out of her home due to her requiring medical attention.

Georgia is an extreme case of the rising obesity epidemic affecting young people in Britain. She is 5ft 6in and survives on a 13,000 calorie-a-day binge on takeaways and junk food which has resulted in her being immobile.
The article stated that the source of her income to finance her income is unclear… I’m pretty sure that her income source is called the Benefits system, you know that thing that taxpayers pay into in order to support the people who “can’t” work.
She has been described as ‘Britian’s fattest woman’ and claims she eats to excess because she wants to and has done since she was 5 years-old. However, her bloated body couldn’t take any more hence why she had to be removed from her flat as she need hospital treatment. She even had to have a reinforced ambulance to transport her to hospital.

This is the second time in 3 years that the emergency services have been summoned to rescue Georgia from her self-inflicted prison. On the first occasion, part of her parent’s house had to be demolished in order to get Georgia out and to hospital… Bet her parents were thrilled about that? Not.
Georgia has been given a specially adapted ground-floor flat with French doors opening onto the street as to allow easier access in the event of another medical emergency. She has been bedridden for 2 weeks because of water retention which developed into a ‘severe infection’ requiring hospital treatment.

The ‘operation’, including repairs, was costed at £10,000! And I wonder who will foot the bill for that? Oh, of course, the Great British taxpayers, that’s who… So not only were the hours of the emergency services time wasted but also £10,000 of public money which could have been invested in more than one emergency. How many other people could that money of helped? It’s a disgrace! She is doing this to herself so instead of being a financial drain on the country maybe she should finance the rescues and treatments herself, if she can’t then tough. It shouldn’t be up to the people who work and who don’t make themselves ill by gorging on 13,000 calories-a-day to foot the bill, only for her to do this time and time again.

Obesity is becoming an increasing issue in Britain and giving people benefits in order for them to gorge themselves and make themselves ill just cannot continue. It would be a far better idea to give people with weight issues food vouchers so they cannot overspend on food. It might just save the country some money.


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