Benefit’s scrounger is too posh to push

Benefit scroungers are one of my ultimate pet hates so I had to have a rant about this article which I found online.

Cheryl is 33 years-old and has 11 kids. She claims £39,192 a year in benefits and also has her husbands monthly income of £1600 which he makes as a delivery driver. This makes their annual income up to £60,000. However, she now claims that she is booked in for a £3,000 caesarean, fully funded by the NHS of course, because a natural birth is too painful. With 11 kids I’m surprised they don’t walk out themselves. I mean what does she have in the delivery room? A midwife or a wicket keeper? The poor kid must be hanging on for deal life in case it falls out! Too posh to push? Don’t have any more kids then! The couple have also managed to avoid the Governments’ £26,000-a-year benefit cap because Rob works enough hours to claim Working Tax Credits.

The Daily Mail reported that Cheryl has already spent ‘hundreds’ of pounds on new outfits for their 12th baby, and that her and husband Rob are currently on the waiting list for a 7 bedroom council house in a more ‘up-market area’… Want a house in a more up-market area? Here’s an idea, pay for it yourselves out of your £60,000 a year. The couple have also claimed that they need more space for their ever-extending family, as well as a ‘brand new smart kitchen’… The kitchen will be the only smart thing in that house, that’s for sure.
They have also suggested that the council ‘knock two houses into one’ if they cannot find a property large enough to accommodate them.

Cheryl has also told sources that she is “addicted to having babies”… You want to have kids then get a job and pay for their up-bringing yourself. Can’t feed them? Don’t breed them. They should not be financed by the taxpayers. She stated that she knows a caesarean costs more than a natural birth but doesn’t care because it’s what she wants and it’s her body.
She also told the Daily Mail that “its so much easier to have a caesarean. Some celebrities say they are too posh to push so why can’t I?” Because the ‘celebrities’ don’t scrounge and pop kids out for a living, they actually do something in order for them to have ‘celebrity’ status.
And if that wasn’t bad enough she has revealed that she plans to have ‘I want to break free’ by Queen during the procedure to help her relax… Right…

Last month the couple revealed to sources that they plan on renewing their wedding vows in a £10,000 trip to Las Vegas, where they also plan on trying for baby number 13, who they plan on calling… wait for it… Vegas! Yes, you did read that right. Poor kid, as s/he won’t have enough embarrassment with having Cheryl and Rob as parents.
Cheryl stated that she wants to wear a £3,000 designer gown for the ceremony and they have planned to hold the ceremony at the infamous Chapel of Love before being chauffeur-driven, from the venue, in a limousine.  Wow they really couldn’t be more tacky if they tried could they?

This trip to Vegas is not their first taxpayer funded holiday, in 2014 they took a £7,000 trip to Menorca, Spain. Cheryl told Closer Magazine: “I don’t feel bad about using taxpayers money. We’re entitled to a holiday.” Yes you are entitled to a holiday, but one which you can afford to pay for and not one which has to be funded by the hard working Great British public. Do you really think that the majority of taxpayers can afford a £7,000 holiday? Most have to save for months before they can scrape together £700 never mind £7,000. She is just rubbing it in the faces of all those who work to keep scum like her and her husband.

Sources were also told by Cheryl; “we’re good at making babies… and I get more in benefits with each child I have, so I can afford a big family”… This comment annoyed the hell out of me. Why on earth should people work in order to feed and clothe your brood? Don’t the people who work and pay taxes have families of their own to provide for without having to contribute towards yours?

I say cut their benefits to zero and have them living on Rob’s wages. Most people who work and who are also claiming Working Tax Credits don’t get free housing and £39,192 in benefits for having kids. Majority of people who are earning £1600 a month plus Working Tax Credits get no help other than Child Benefit and that’s only because everyone receives Child Benefit once they have children.

However, no political party will do anything to sort these kinds of people out, they will just continue to drain the system and make it harder on the people who work and pay tax. Well done Labour… Well done.


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