Blaming the Government for careless parenting

I recently uploaded a post about Georgia, “Britain’s fattest woman”. However, now I have managed to find an article which gives her mothers side of the story about her daughters weight problems. Just to recap, Georgia is 22 years-old and weighs 55 stone, she had to be rescued from her flat by emergency services in an operation which took 7 hours, 2 cranes, 7 police cars, 2 fire engines and 11 medics… Oh and also cost a whopping £10,000. The same operation will have to be undertaken to lift Georgia back into her flat once she is released from hospital… No doubt costing another £10,000 and numerous hours of the emergency services’ time.

Lesley, Georgia’s mother, claims Georgia suffers from sleepless nights and panic attacks due to her “addiction to food”. She insists Georgia is now eating salads and greens in the hope of losing weight, however, she admits that he occasional takeaway and plates of sausages and chips are still part of her daughter’s diet. She also told The Sun that Georgia doesn’t even like kebabs. If that was the case then it wouldn’t of been reported that she was eating 7 kebabs in one sitting when she was 19 years-old would it?
Lesley also admits to feeding Georgia on condensed milk instead of baby food when she was a baby and that she also gave her overweight child the crisps and biscuits she asked for due to the belief that they were filling Georgia up… Great parenting!

The Daily Mail reported that when Georgia was 19 years-old she weighed 63 stone and if that wasn’t alarming enough, when she was 7 years-old she weighed 11 stone… Now call me old fashioned but surely her mother should have done something about her daughters eating addiction then instead of letting things get this bad?

I’m sorry to have to say that Lesley is not totally innocent when it comes to her daughters problems, Georgia was overfed as a child and this is the result. She is a product of her upbringing and, as harsh as this sounds, Lesley should have to foot some of the bill when it comes to £10,000 rescues, this is, after all, partly her fault for not stopping her daughters addiction sooner.

And typically Georgia and Lesley claim this is no ones fault but the governments for not helping finance a weight loss regime and they also claim that Georgia needs to receive more benefits in order to eat healthier meals and lose weight…

There is no one to blame other than herself and her mother… End of.


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