A pity-me letter to the PM

I was looking through Facebook and I saw that one of the people I went to school with had shared the following post by L. Hall:

Dear Mr Cameron,
Do you actually have a fcuking clue?! Just over an hour ago I thought I’d be good and read and rest in bed. I’m exhausted. I look after my son who has multiple complex health needs and disabilities. Now I know you had a son and in no way do I belittle your very real grief but you had nannies. You have no idea of real life with a disabled child. You just use your sons memory to emotionalise policies. Shame on you.
So anyway, an hour ago I did one last check on my sons. Only just over an hour ago I had ticked him in. Adjust his oxygen. Done all the night cares. He’s 14. He’s in nappies. I betray his dignity in this account but I went in his room to find a code brown. Head to toe. Administered by his wandering hands. He’s asleep. I cry inside. To leave him is wrong and disgusting. To wake him is a night awake for the both of us. I have to do the latter. He’s cross. I have to shower him. He’s over 6 stone. I don’t have a hoist. I can’t fit it in the house in his room. I have to strip and carry a screaming hitting shitty teenage boy to the bathroom and shower him. He’s stressed. Seizures start. Oxygen drops. Super-quick shower while literally getting battered. Carry him to my room and wrap in towels before drying and dressing him. Change his bed. Clean his toys he HAS to have in bed. He’s had his sleep. He thinks it’s morning. As I type he’s awake. Wide awake. Not much sleep in this house tonight then! The smell lingers. I can’t myself shower until he’s settled and asleep with no seizures and good oxygen levels. I’m hurt. Yes the slaps hurt but nothing hurts like knowing you are making your child cry when you have no choice for their own welfare.
So Mr Cameron, tell me if you can relate to this? Tell me why you see it fit to make cuts that will take away respite that keeps me going? Tell me how £62 carers allowance a week justifies the work that carers like me do? We love our kids but we have no real choice!
You, Mr Cameron, have not got my vote. Just so you know!

I’m sorry but she doesn’t include that she will also receive higher rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for her child having severe disabilities, which is a total of £82.30 a week care component. She will also receive housing and council tax benefits, income support and child benefit… So weekly that adds up to more than £62 doesn’t it?

She would have also been offered support workers to assist her with the care of her son, which would be at a slight cost and taken from her benefits, however, she would have to agree to the assistance which she clearly hasn’t done.

Also some respites are organised by charities which are not funded by government, so her claiming that all respite has been taken away by the government is just a cry for attention. Posting this letter on a Facebook status is also for attention, if she was that serious and fed up she would have sent the letter direct to David Cameron.

Her local council can also provide help which she would more than likely qualify for. The council have a duty to help families with disabled children and carers under the Children Act 1989. They have to offer short break services to carers, assistance with care at home, some aids and adaptations as well as financial help to assist with the costs of getting to hospital visits. In order to receive these services she would just need to talk to social services- she should have a social worker anyway with her child being severely disabled. Most of the services offered by councils are free however, some other services may ask for a contribution. This info is all available on http://www.gov.uk. She may also qualify for extra child tax credits. But her social worker would have told her all of this.

I’m sorry to hear that her son is disabled but blaming the government on necessary cuts isn’t going to change anything. Labour landed our country in a welfare crisis by making it so easy for the welfare system to be abused therefore, as unfair as it is, the cuts will impact everyone who relies upon them. So thanks to the people who abused the system, the people who have genuine needs for benefits are now having to suffer the cuts.

And I must say, dragging David Cameron’s deceased son into her little soap box speech is just heartless, he was a parent too regardless of his job role or if he had nannies, which, by the way, he wouldn’t of always had. I’m pretty sure he was as heartbroken as any other parent would be by the death of his son!

Yes she has a disabled son but she isn’t the only one out there who needs assistance. If she had put as much effort into actually looking into what help she may be entitled to instead of bitching on Facebook she might actually find out more.

I know it may sound heartless but I don’t agree with the way she is blaming the government who are only making cuts, as I have already said, to get the country out of the financial crap Labour landed us in.
All the attacks on the Tories are only getting to socialists who are protesting against the benefit cuts because they’re scared that the majority might have to actually contribute to society but getting a job to support their families instead of relying on benefits.


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