Rolling in it Romanians

I was browsing through my Facebook news feed and came across an article by which had been shared by a couple of groups which I follow. The article headline stated that a Romanian family of 17 are claiming  £4,600 a month in benefits.

The Toma family consist of Mr & Mrs Toma and their 15 children, aged between 4 and 19 years-old. The currently live in a 3 bedroom house but have told sources that they want a bigger house but they don’t want to have to pay for it. On top of their £4,600 a month in benefits they also have an income of about £1800 a month which comes from Mr Toma’s wages which he earns by working as an electrician. That adds up to £55,000 a year in benefits- the equivalent of a £90,000 salary- and £21,000 in earnings. This means that the Toma’s have a higher income than some MP’s and senior police officers.

They have claimed that they don’t understand why so many hard-working Brits are unable to afford their own homes and why they are so angry… Maybe because people like you are taking the sheer piss? I mean the “hard-working Brits” have to work to get whatever they have and a most working Brits don’t get free housing and don’t get £55,000 a year in benefits. So I think it’s pretty easy to understand why people are a little pit peeved.

Housing inspectors have stated that the Toma family is the worst case of over crowding they have ever seen… There is a solution however, the 18-19 year-old’s could always move into separate accommodation which would reduce the overcrowding, I mean it’s not as if the Toma family can’t afford it, is it? If they want a bigger house then they should have to pay full rent and full council tax just like any other working family have to.

The Toma’s told letting chiefs that they were a family of 6 in order to get their current home, which costs £1,700 a month to rent… Which they don’t pay a penny towards.
Harrow Housing are assisting the family in their search for a bigger property but have insisted that they won’t receive a council house.

Ukip MEP, T. Aker, said; “thanks to our open boarders with the EU we cannot control the quality nor quantity of those coming into Britain. Opening our doors to Romania was an irresponsible decision by the government. People should have to pay into our system before they get to use our schools and hospitals or claim social housing.”

I completely agree with the above statement. Why should the Great British public have to pay for people to come into our country and have instant access to housing and welfare needs? Our own citizen’s should be priority in our own country.


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