Too fat for prison

Looking on Facebook and I saw this article which was shared by one of my friends… A woman who has committed death by dangerous driving is claiming that she is “too fat” to go to prison. Jenns is a 49 year-old woman who weighs 30 stone. She knocked down and killed a jogger when she jumped a red light.

She begged the judge to spare her a prison sentence after being convicted of death by dangerous driving at Canterbury Crown Court. He barrister said; “morbidly obese Jenns hoped to get a gastric band and would not be able to cope with life behind bars”. He also stated that she suffered a stroke 7 years prior to the incident and was also receiving treatment for her weight problem at the time of the accident.
Her barrister then went on to say; “as she is grossly overweight, morbidly obese and since the incident has put on even more weight… She is a person for whom a prison sentence would be extraordinarily difficult and I don’t think I over exaggerate when I say she might not get through it.”

Judge H.Norton adjourned the sentence for 2 weeks pending medical reports and granted Jenns bail. However, she warned Jenns that she faced “an almost certain” prison sentence for the offence- and also gave her an interim driving ban.

So now not only is being “too fat” an excuse to get out of employment, it is now being used as an excuse to get out of a prison sentence… Wow people really will try anything!
How about taking some responsibility you utter waste of space? You KILLED someone by jumping a red light, you were driving dangerously, you should have to suffer the consequences like anyone else who has committed the same offence, overweight or not!

What a bloody cop out!


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