Benefits: Too Sick

Channel 5’s Benefit’s series have now produced an episode based on those who are claiming benefits due to being “too sick” to work. The program states that over 2 million people in Britain are signed off sick and are in receipt of benefits.

Darren, one of the claimants on the program, has been on sickness benefits for 2 years following an accident at work. He claims that doctors and specialists have carried out a number of teats and scans but cannot determine what is the source of his pain which results in him being unable to work… I wonder if that is because there is nothing wrong with him?

Ian is another claimant who is “too sick to work”. He states that an accident that he was involved in, 32-years ago, is the cause of him being on benefits due to him not being able to walk, stand or sit for long periods of time as it causes pain in his hips and back… Bollocks! He claims he can’t work but he can still DJ… Does DJing not consist of standing for long periods of time? And the platforms he wears as part of his costume won’t exactly help his hips and back will they? Why aren’t Jobcentre Plus sanctioning him? It’s obvious that he is abusing the system, he’s basically admitted it on national television, so surely he should get his benefits stopped and made to look for employment?

Another couple of claimants are Becky and Danny. They receive £450 a month in benefits due to them both suffering mental health problems. Danny claims that being on benefits is a lot harder than working… If that’s the case then he could always get off his lazy arse and get a job, couldn’t he? I am more than sure that someone out there would give him a chance of employment.

Typically though the people featured on this program blame the immigrants for stealing the jobs and benefits when they come across to Britain in search of employment. At least the people who come across to Britain to work actually make the effort to do the jobs that the scrounging idiots of society are too bone-idol to do. I mean, have these idiots ever thought that if they made the effort they might be given the chance of a job? Oh wait, they don’t want to work do they? So why the hell are they complaining? At least the immigrants who come across to this country in order to work are paying tax, therefore these scrounging idiots should be grateful seen as its down to the taxpayers to fund their chavy lifestyles.

The Benefits: Too Sick episode is still available on the Channel 5 On Demand site if you would like to witness the idiots for yourselves, however, your blood pressure may be increased due to the sheer ignorance of the people featured on the program.


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