Looking the part

The Daily Mail never fails to provide me with materials to have a good rant about, especially when it comes to the articles about the dregs of society making a mockery out of the system. So I was happy to find that the DM hadn’t disappointed me when I found an article about “jobseekers” (I use the term “jobseekers” loosely by the way) turning up and deliberately sabotaging their interviews in order to stay on benefits for as long as possible.

Shaun Drury is the manager of a care home in Devon and claims that benefit claimants he has interviewed have deliberately behaved ridiculously simply because they don’t want to come off benefits and work. He also stated that many of the unemployed people he’s interviewed have turned up in shell suits, given him high-fives and spoken in one-word sentences… Not really making an effort to actually stick to the Jobseekers Agreement then?
The performance of some interviewee’s has been that appalling, Drury has concluded that they are just looking for an excuse to avoid giving up their benefits.

As part of a claimants Jobseeker’s Agreement, they must be actively seeking work and attend any interviews they are offered in order to receive their Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA). Failing to look for work or attend interviews can result in claimants getting their benefits sanctioned.However, a lot of the time, a claimant’s performance in an interview is not checked up on, therefore, if a claimant deliberately acts up in an interview they will still receive their benefits even though they jeopardised their chances of employment.

Drury also admitted that on occasions he has heard claimants bragging about going on luxury holidays and using their benefits to buy new cars etc. “All that lounging about is an expensive hobby, at least for the rest of us who pay for it”. I couldn’t agree more.

I think it is a sheer disgrace! Not only are they abusing the system but they are also wasting the time of the employer who has given them the chance at an interview. I mean, should Jobcentre Plus staff not be checking with employers on the performance of a claimant’s behaviour in interviews?   A quick phone call won’t exactly kill them or add an immense amount of work to their day would it? And asking a claimant isn’t exactly going to work is it? No claimant who has purposefully ruined their chances of employment by acting like an idiot in an interview is going to admit that to their JCP adviser, especially when it would result in them having their benefits sanctioned.

But what can be done? There are too many people who want to just sit around and let the hard-working people of society pay for their up-keep. This is the system Labour have created and yet Corbyn wants to issue unlimited benefits? Is he joking?! As if we don’t have enough dregs of society to keep without them getting extra benefits for being work-shy scrounging idiots.


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