Scum of the earth

I first read about Rachael and Naomi Fee- the scum of the earth couple who beat their toddler to death over a period then tried pinning the blame on a 7-year-old boy- while I was recovering from giving birth to my daughter. To say I was sickened would be an understatement.

Rachael and Naomi Fee denied all charges of murder brought against them at the High Court in Glasgow, but have also been charged with ill-treating and neglecting 2 boys over a 2 year period. The trial is set for 2016. The couple also pleaded not guilty to attempting to defeat the end of justice by falsely informing a 999 operator, paramedics, police, friends and family members that a 7-year-old boy was responsible for the child’s death.

Liam- the child the couple murdered- suffered repeated blunt force trauma to his head and body on numerous occasions in March 2014.
It is alleged that on various occasions between January 2012 and March 2014, the women failed to provide Liam with adequate exercise or mental stimulation by leaving him in his pushchair for long periods of time, pulling a blanket over his face and leaving him in a darkened room.
It is also claimed that they failed to provide him with enough food and gave him medication intended for another child and Calpol to keep him quiet and make him sleep.

They’re also alleged to have compelled one of the boys to stand naked under a cold shower as a punishment for wetting the bed, bound him in a cage made from a metal fire-guard, with cable ties, string and a dressing gown cord, placed items on him as well as striking him.
It is also claimed that they forced the boys hand into Liam’s mouth after he died, before the arrival of the police and paramedics. The women have also been accused of tying the second boy naked to a chair in their bedroom where they kept rats and snakes, and slapped him if he moved.

The couple, originally from Tyneside, moved back to the area after Liam’s death but an angry mob, consisting of hundreds of villagers, gathered outside their house, demanding they were evicted. Eggs and other items were thrown at their house and dozens of police were called to keep order, before removing the women and their belongings, out of the house and taking them away in vans. It is reported that the women are now temporarily residing in Edinburgh whilst officials seek a more permanent residence for them until the trial.

Both women are currently on bail and their trial is set for 4th of April 2016 at the High Court in Livingston by Judge Lady Rae.

No matter what the outcome of the trial is, no matter how long they are sentenced for, there will never be justice for Liam. These women are vile, sick individuals who don’t deserve the protection of the law.


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