Big demands

The topic of being “too fat to work” really annoys me, so you can imagine how I felt when I came across an article on the DM’s website about a woman who claims she can’t work because of her size. 

Anna Curtain, 30, weighs 29 stone and claims that she is too fat to have ever worked and that she feels too self-conscious to look for a job. She  was offered a £9500 gastric band operation, fully funded by the tax payers of Britain, but turned it down after considering the potential risks of the procedure. 

But here’s the best bit… She is now demanding a personal trainer funded by the NHS (or should I say the hard working tax payers?). Oh and she is also calling for the NHS to give overweight people access to personal trainers, diet classes and gym memberships all free of charge as it would be a “better use of public money”. Apparently. 

Anna told sources that she has always been over weight and left school when she was 13 years-old because she was being bullied, but this only led her to getting bigger as she spent her days at home eating. By the time she was 18 she weighed 19 stone… Why didn’t her parents do anything about her eating habits? Surely they noticed their daughter putting on so much weight? 

However since she was offered the gastric band operation she has managed to lose 4 stone by following a juice diet. Which leads me to wonder why she needs to have the NHS fork out money to provide her with weight loss support, I mean she managed to lose 4 stone on her own, so she’s proved that she can do it. Why can’t she exercise without it costing the Great British public? Going out for a walk and pushing yourself a little further each day doesn’t cost anything and it would be just as beneficial as spending an hour or so in a gym. 

I know I may sound harsh but I honestly don’t see why people should have services funded by the NHS when they can do something about their weight themselves. I’m not saying it’s easy but it is only as hard as people make it and if they really want to do it then they will stop coming up with excuses and get off their arses. 


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