Birthday wishes

What do you want for your birthday? I’m pretty sure the answer isn’t attacking a young woman to fulfil a sick fantasy. Unfortunately this is what happened to 18 year-old Summer Gregg. 

Summer was tortured for over 2 hours by a trio of thugs as a birthday wish for one of her attackers. The trio (Jay Blades, James Canning and Amy Gaines) had been friends of Summer’s and had attacked her whilst at Blades flat. They spat on Summer, beat her and repeatedly slapped her, they also attacked her with a metal chain and forced her to act like a dog as they filmed it. She was also urinated on, punched in the face and even overheard the 3 scumbags talking about how they were going to kill her. 

The attack came to an end when the trio invited a fourth party to Blade’s flat to “finish the job”- only to have her call an ambulance instead. The fourth girl and Blades then followed Summer to the hospital and instructed her to tell the police she had been attacked in the street. Luckily they were overheard by a hospital employee whilst discussing how they had to delete the photos and videos of the attack. 

Summer suffered horrendous bruising, a fractured elbow and burst blood vessels in both of her eyes from the attack. She had to spend 3 days in hospital and her arm was in a case for 6 weeks. She also admitted that she thought about jumping 50ft out of an 8th floor window in order to stop them attacking her further. 

Summers attackers have been sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison after pleading guilty to false imprisonment and wounding. Gaines and Canning were sentenced to 5 years in a Young Offenders Institute and Blades was sentenced to 4 years, 6 months in a Young Offenders Institute.  They initially denied the charges before finally admitting to what Judge Julian Goose described as a “prolong and degrading attack […] An appalling episode of cruel and violent behaviour to a vunerable woman”. 

Summer stated; “I think they should have got longer sentences because they could be out in 2 years, which isn’t enough for what they’ve done to me. I also think they should have gone to an adult prison because they were adults when they did it.” 

Poor girl. I mean why they were sentenced and put in an YOI is beyond me! Surely they’re old enough to be placed in an adults prison? The trio were aged between 20 and 21 so surely that falls under the scope of being an adult? It is scum like Blades, Canning and Gaines who make a sheer mockery of the English Legal System. Where is the justice of putting them in a cushy YOI? They were tough enough to commit the crime so they should have to face equally tough consequences, just like any other adult offender would have to. 


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