Words kill

I absolutely despise bullies. There is nothing ‘hard’ about making someone feel completely worthless, which is what happened to 14 year-old Ashleigh Bowes. 
Ashleigh was found dead at her family’s £180,000 home in Cheshire after she has taken an overdose on a tablet that was used to treat anxiety. She revealed in her journal that she had been mocked because her family couldn’t afford popular food brands. She also claimed that “very bitchy” girls had bullied her because her mother used a motorbike to get around. 

One of Ashleigh’s journal entries stated “I trusted you. I thought you would understand you were rude the other day. Words kill. Taking the piss out of my food and my mum. We are poor…” “We can’t have the big brands like you do.” 

The police discovered Ashleigh had made a 5 minute video ‘selfie’ in which she said she had a bust up with other girls at a park.

The inquest heard the Ashleigh had been treated for an eating disorder and feared classmates would find out. The coroner, Alan Moore, recorded a verdict of suicide.

Ashleigh’s mum stated to sources that Ashleigh was teased by close friends who targeted her weaknesses and that “parents should take from this that minor teasing needs to be stopped.” 

For more information on bullying, please visit http://www.bullying.co.uk 


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