A smashing birthday bash

It really infuriates me that some people think that it is acceptable to abuse the hard working people who provide emergency services to those in need. It equally annoys me that a number of “emergencies” that paramedics attend to are caused by idiots having too much to drink and not being able to handle their alcohol. This was the case in an article I was reading on The Chronicle Live website. 
A woman from Newcastle has been sentenced to 18 weeks in prison for causing £7500’s worth of damage to an ambulance after she had been on a “four-day drink blender” to celebrate her 30th birthday.  

The ambulance had been called to assist Ms Wheeler after she had suffered a suspected seizure and a self-inflicted injury to her face.
When paramedics tried to treat her injuries she became so violent that ambulance crew had to leave the ambulance for their own safety.  

Wheeler then went on to cause significant damage to the vehicle. She used a fire extinguisher to spray the insides of the ambulance, used a black marker to draw on the walls and damaged vital equipment.

As a result of Wheeler’s sabotage, the wrecked ambulance had to be taken off the road for 17 days. The paramedics at the scene were also unable to attend any calls for 5 hours after the incident.

When the police arrived to arrest Wheeler, she assaulted them and resisted arrest. One officer was hit in the face and they had to use CS spray in order to carry out the arrest.  

In court, Wheeler pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.  

The court had been told that Wheeler suffered from significant mental health problems and had been diagnosed with depression, psychosis and personality disorder. She also had a history of self harm.

In mitigation, her solicitor claimed that her mental health problems, coupled with the misuse of drugs and alcohol, led to her pattern of behaviour.

Wheeler was previously convicted for 2 offences of assaulting a police officer in November 2014.

Her solicitor commented: “This is something Miss Wheeler greatly regrets because the ambulance service have assisted her time and time again in the past and she is very grateful to them… She deeply regrets what she did. She is not on drink and drugs all the time but when she is, she behaves really badly. She wants it to stop.”

Magistrates sentenced Wheeler to 18 weeks in prison and ordered her to pay £500 compensation to the ambulance service.  

£500 compensation for causing £7500’s worth of damage to an emergency vehicle which was out of service for 5 hours? That is a disgrace! And what, may I ask, is prison for 18 weeks going to achieve? They might as well have sentenced her to a holiday camp. 18 weeks of doing absolutely nothing and having no responsibilities during that time… How is that a punishment?

And what about the people who needed the assistance of the ambulance that night? Someone could have died because of her alcohol and drug fuelled actions. Then what would have happened? Would she still have received 18 weeks?  

I just hope the next time she needs the services of the police or an ambulance they refuse to attend to her. It’s the least she deserves after all. But that would never happen, if she needed the assistance of the emergency services and they did refuse to attend to her, she would sue them for a very large sum and play the victim card. Also the staff refusing to attend would also be putting their jobs at risk by failing to provide the service they are employed to do. It is an utter disgrace!  


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