Parental responsibility

What would you do if your child was severely disabled, had no quality of life whatsoever, and your local NHS who were caring for the child told you that because of the condition, your child should only receive palliative care and be allowed to die?
Would you, like me, see that ending their suffering would be kinder? Or would you fight the NHS and the courts in order to keep your child alive for as long as possible?

I was reading an article on the DM’s website which detailed the above situation. Parents of a severely disabled 2 year-old are appealing an application made by their local NHS to allow their son to die.
The NHS stated that the child, who requires full-time NHS care, is “neurologically disabled” and should “be allowed to die”. The also believe that the child’s quality of life is so poor that he should only receive palliative care and bring in an ‘end of life’ plan. However, the parents are claiming that he recognises them and is happy when they are all together.

The High Court is yet to make a decision on this appeal, however, it must be a difficult decision to make. I know that there will be legal factors to take into consideration, but surely the High Court can see that allowing the child to die would be less cruel then prolonging the suffering?

I know the child is 2 years-old and I know that this is every parents worst nightmare, but as a parent, I can see both sides of the situation. I wouldn’t want my child to die but I also wouldn’t want them suffering in this manner, and no matter how painful it would be, I would choose to relieve my child of any pain and suffering rather than drag it out just because I didn’t want to say goodbye.

I will probably get called heartless for this post, don’t get me wrong I understand that this is difficult for the family, I just think that sometimes we have to look beyond our own suffering in order to do what is right.



One comment on “Parental responsibility

  1. Jenella – as always you speak total sense. The parents are in my opinion not considering the child, but rather their own situation; it’s almost as if people like this thrive on the attention and sympathy they get!

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