Something fishy

“Fish fanatic told to demolish his pond because burglars could fall in and drown” This was a headline on the DM’s website. And I swear this is an actual article.

The fish fanatic in question, Mr Sheehan, was told off his housing association, Sovereign Housing, that the new pond he was building had to be demolished because it could pose a potential risk to anyone who tries to break into his property. The claimed that because there is a six-foot fence around the property, burglars could fail to see the pond. Sovereign Housing have given Mr Sheehan three weeks to remove the new pond’s structure.

This is an outrage! Surely the housing association shouldn’t be telling their tenants that they can’t pursue in hobbies, such as keeping fish, because it poses a hazard to criminals! It is an utter piss take and if I was Mr Sheehan I would seek legal advice because surely they can’t make you take down a pond in your garden in case it makes burglaries harder for the scum who commit them. So what if a burglar drowns while attempting to break into your property? At least if they drown then they couldn’t commit further crimes. I don’t see this as a problem and I’m sure a lot of people would agree.

The country has gone absolutely mad! Since when was it OK to protect the lives of criminals and let the law abiding members of society suffer?




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