No faking it at school

I have such a low opinion of the youth of today. I mean half of the schoolies I see on a daily basis have no manners whatsoever and they all look like mini celeb clones. Don’t they have any individuality?

It seems like I am not the only one who disapproves of they way kids go dressed to school these days.  A headteacher from Kent, Mr Vyse, has sent letters to the parents of his pupils telling them that school is not a fashion parade and has also warned that those caught breaking the rules on dress code and appearance will face punishment when the new school year begins in September.

Is there any full need for kids to go to school with fake eyelashes that resemble Daisy the Cow, a tan that looks like they’ve rolled in cheese Dorito’s and makeup that looks like they’ve been gang-banged by crayola? Call me old fashioned but I really don’t understand the youth of today.



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