Death in custody

JS147904943  Tyrone Quinn, sentenced to six years in prison after causing death by dangerous driving whilst under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, was pronounced dead in custody at HMP Northumberland on Monday 14th of May (2018).

Quinn was serving his second prison sentence when he died and had a string of previous convictions.
He had previously been banned from driving for 6 months in August 2015, after he had crashed into an off-duty police sergeant in December 2014.
Then, in May 2016, he was jailed for 16 weeks for assaulting a 77-year-old man in an unprovoked attack. However, Quinn was released in July 2016, just six days before he got behind the wheel of the BMW Coupe, whilst under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, which resulted in him crashing the car and causing the death of his passenger and friend, James.

So, as you can see, he is hardly the law abiding model citizen. And yet you have the Face Book comments by people who think the scumbag should get sympathy and criticizing the staff at HMP Northumberland.

Truth is, and I will probably be crucified for saying this, if Mr Quinn hadn’t of been such a waste of space and had been on the right side of the law then his death would have been prevented. However, no one will see it this way, people would rather see him as a victim and heap the responsibility of his death on the HMP staff.
The staff can only do so much and if the prisoners were on 24-hour surveillance then you know someone would tell them that it was against their Human   Rights, so what are the staff supposed to do?

There was also numerous comments on the diabolical BBC Panorama program that was filmed at HMP Northumberland. Does it occur to people that only the serious stuff that happened was filmed and broadcast? I mean it’s just strange that the undercover officer had to go through 9 weeks training and was at the prison for a total of 11 weeks and the footage that was shown was all he got. Surely if it was as bad as he was making out then there would have been something a little more serious than some prisoners taking spice and threatening staff. What about the good side of the prison? He didn’t show the workshops where the prisoners make things for charity, he didn’t show the library or the education wing which helps prisoners better themselves. The BBC knew exactly what to look for and the majority of society fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

It’s hardly breaking news that there’s drugs, mobile phones and other banned items found in prisons, it happens in ALL prisons. So why don’t the BBC film inside HMP Frankland or Strangeways? Is it because those prisons belong to HMP and not privately ran by Sodexo, like HMP Northumberland? The undercover journalist didn’t make out that the staff in HMP prisons are out of their depth, like he did with the Sodexo staff. And you know why? Because the BBC is government owned, just like the HMP prisons.

Anyway, getting back to the death in custody, I noticed a comment on The Chronicle Live’s Face Book page which said “there are so many young men dying in that prison”, and it took all my will power not to comment back saying that if they hadn’t of broken the law then they wouldn’t of been there and would still be alive. It’s not rocket science!

I guess the silver lining of Quinn’s death is that he can’t cause harm to anyone else in the general public and no more public money will be wasted on keeping his scummy ass.


Eight-year-old rapist: No justice for the victim


I was reading through news articles on the Daily Mail’s website and came across a story which annoyed the hell out of me. It was about a mother who was speaking out about her eight-year-old son’s rape.

The mother, let’s call her Mo, told sources that the attacker was her sons school friend who had went to their house on a play-date to play with Lego.
She said that the two boys went upstairs into her sons room where the attacker wedged the door shut with a chair, closed the curtain and asked the victim to show his genitals. He then proceeded to rape him, telling him not to say anything to his parents as they would be angry with him.
The victim revealed what had happened during his bedtime routine when his mother had asked why he had been upset when the other boy had gone home. The other boy is said to have attempted to rape the victim on four other occasions before this incident.

Mo reported the incident to the police but was told that there was nothing they could do as the attacker was under the age of criminal culpability. Her son has been left with severe depression and Mo states that he threatens to self harm and keeps ‘wishing to die’.

THIS IS A DISGRACE! That poor child has had his innocence and childhood taken away from him by someone who he considered to be a friend and the law says that there is nothing they can do due to the offender being under the age of criminal responsibility? Really? So what we let eight year-old rapists off the hook because the law stated they’re two years under the age to be prosecuted? We let them off so they can do it again and again to other victims? What lesson is that teaching them? What justice is that giving the victim?

Screw criminal responsibility guidelines!

And it must be asked, how an eight-year-old knows how to carry out such an act? How did he know to wedge the door shut and to threaten the victim so he would keep quiet? Does that not scream that the offender has witnessed this at some point? The fact that he wedged the door shut and made threats so no one would find out, screams that he knew what he was doing was wrong and that he was worried about the consequences if people found out.

Convict the little bastard is what I say! If he is capable of rape at the age of eight, what crimes will he be capable of when he is older?

Time to nip this in the bud before we have another serial offender on our hands.

More Money for Maddie madness

JS147904943Hunt for Maddie gets cash: Government approves Scotland Yard’s ‘£150,000 boost’ to their seven-year search for missing Madeline McCann while London suffers murder epidemic- Daily Mail website.

I saw this article and I was raging!

Last month, Duncan Simm, a friend of my partners, went missing whilst on a night out during his studies at St Andrews University in Scotland. Despite searches and public appeals for information, as well as countless social media pleas, he is yet to be found. The police suspect that he could have been buried under concrete in one of the trenches which was being worked on at the time of his disappearance but there are no certainties.
Had Duncan’s family had a £150,000 boost from the government to assist with finding him? No, they haven’t. Has any other missing person, or child for that matter, had that level of financial support from the government? No, they haven’t. They would have been told that they have all the support available through their local police force. There is absolutely no way they would get the obscene amount of financial help the McCann’s have received.

Also, any other parents would have been hauled in by social services and convicted with child neglect had they of gone on holiday and left their children in the hotel room whilst they went on the piss with their friends. So why weren’t the McCann’s dragged through the system? Surely it makes it worse that they were both people of professions and should have known better?

Why is there STILL so much public money going into this investigation? Especially when all of the published evidence is pointing to Kate and Gerry McCann.
It has to be asked, if there was an abductor, then why did they only take Maddie? Why not take the twins as well? Why was there no evidence of a forced entry? Did they leave the room unlocked? If so, why? They were staying in a hotel, surely they would have had the sense to make sure their kids were safe?
How was Maddie’s blood and DNA found in a rental car they hired AFTER she went missing if they had nothing to do with the disappearance? Why did they wash Maddie’s stuffed toy?

There are so many unanswered questions!

And while our government throw money at the McCann’s to continue the search for their ‘missing’ daughter, the REAL problems that the country are facing remain unresolved.
I’m sure that £150,000 could be put to better use. It could fund more police officer positions, trainee nurses, shelters and support for domestic abuse victims, it could also be used to help tackle the growing number of knife/gun crimes in London.

What makes this case so important?
What hold do they McCann’s have over our government?

When will people say enough is enough?

UPDATE: I would just like to add that Kate McCann has made a whopping £84,000 in royalties from her book about her daughter’s disappearance… Does that mean she can give £84,000 back to the government to replace some of the £150,000 boost that Scotland Yard was granted in order to assist with the search? I don’t see that happening somehow do you?

A rant about Generation Y

JS147904943I have noticed of late that there have been number of articles concerning these so-called millennials, which are a generation of people (aka Generation Y) who are considered to be under the age of 35 (according to the Daily Mail).

The latest article I read involving the Generation Y was published on the Daily Mail website and stated that Sainsbury’s is to start selling raw meat in touch-free packaging for the people who are squeamish about touching raw meat. Now, don’t get me wrong, the concept is a pretty good idea and I’m sure it will sell and make them a few bob, but we really have to wonder what kind of generation we are raising here, I mean we already have the people who are offended over the slightest thing, we can’t make a joke or a throw-away comment these days without someone crying outrage and it being classed as a hate-crime because someone took it too seriously.
Kids cartoons have become more PC too and don’t even get me started on the freedom of speech on social media platforms- there is no such thing as freedom of speech these days.
Newspapers are constantly having to print apologies because of the articles offending someone and we have numerous products being sold  which makes people less and less subject to the real world, take those motion-sensor hand sanitser things for example, just press the bloody top for gods sake! Yes hygiene is important but bloody hell people have taken it to the extreme!
Kids used to be able to have conker competitions at school without any rules but these days there are either rules establishing that kids wear goggles if they have conker fights or they are just purely banned because someone could get hurt. There was none of this crap back when I was at school.

So it makes me wonder what kind of generation we are raising. Are we raising a generation where everything will be medically sanitised and no one will have a strong enough immune system to fight off a common cold? Or are we raising a peace-keeping generation where no one will say boo to a ghost just in case it opens the ‘I’m offended’ can of worms? Are our children going to have a voice of their own or will they be silenced as soon as they have an opinion which isn’t politically correct?

Are our future generations screwed? I think so.

Rant about boy racers


Scrolling through the DM website and came across an article about a boy racer finally being found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving in 2016.

‘Miss Kennedy was killed on the evening of July 4, 2016, on the A4067 between Pontardawe and Glais – she was heading down the valley towards her home in Clydach, and travelling in the opposite direction of Price and Kedward.
After negotiating the Glais roundabout, the two defendants – Price in his turquoise Honda Civic Sport and Kedward in his black Vauxhall Astra SRi – began to race each other.’

‘A witnesses described how the two cars were ‘racing side-by-side’ along the road at speeds estimated to be between 70mph – 80mph, with neither of them wanting to ‘give in’. A few minutes later, Price, who was driving in the offside lane as he tried to overtake Kedward, slammed straight into the front of Miss Kennedy’s Ford Ka, sending it crashing off the carriageway. Miss Kennedy was killed instantly.’

‘Kedward, whose car was not caught up the crash, did not stop to see what had happened. Instead he drove to his grandfather’s house in Ystradgynlais, where he dumped a small amount of cannabis he had on him along with his mobile phone. He returned to the scene later that night to find the by-pass closed at the Pontardawe roundabout. He was subsequently arrested and in court complained about the way he was treated by police while in custody.’

The scumbag will be sentenced on Monday (16th April 2018).

Now, personally, I think that it should be made law that until you’re 25, you can’t have a car that has an engine size bigger than a 1 litre, and, if you cause an accident or commit any other dangerous motoring offence during that time, then you get your licence revoked immediately. It would certainly cut down on these kind of incidents because there are too many immature drivers who think, just because they have a car with sport in the name, they can drive like idiots. And it isn’t fair on the people who get caught up in their stupid showing off, it heightens insurance premiums, it makes it more expensive for people of the same age to get insurance that they can afford, and it also puts premiums up on that make and model of car.

If you want to race then tracks have special days for that but I fail to see why you would want to race a Honda Civic or a Vauxhall Astra, its not as if they’re super sporty cars.

And the fact that one of the scumbags had cannabis, which he dropped off at a relatives, just states that these people are too immature to have a licence, they will probably think they’re being ‘hard’ and ‘gangster’ but they just look pathetic.

No, I have no time for wannabe criminals who waste public resources by being trialed. Is it even worth sending them to prison? What will it achieve? Absolutely nothing. He will get a menial sentence of a few month, get out, go straight back to his life of crime and end up back inside a few months later. It’s a never ending cycle with people like this. Mark my words, this won’t be the last we will hear of Price and Kedward.

Parental responsibility?

Daily Mail: Primary school is forced to tell parents to stop smoking CANNABIS in the playground, as head teacher reports ‘inappropriate behavior’ to police. 

I couldn’t believe how anyone could be so selfish and stupid, when I read this article on #Upday. It stated in the article that the illegal drug was being passed around some of the parents and smoked ‘at the bottom of the school yard’ where pupils, aged between 2 and 11 years-old, were being collected.
The head teacher reported the incidents to the police, but some of the parents were unsatisfied with the ‘soft-touch’ approach by the police. It was also stated that some parents were reported to have been swearing which was ‘totally acceptable’.
A father stated that the police didn’t seem ‘bothered’ and that he would of thought anything concerning illegal substances being around schools and children would have been taken more seriously.

Now, I’m not naive enough to believe that no parent would ever do this around their own children, I know this happens, but I am a little shocked that the incidents weren’t taken more seriously. I mean surely any parent participating in drug taking is classed as neglectful and should be flagged up to Social Services? What if, while they’re high, they harm their child or worse, another child? What if their child, whilst at home, gets a hold of the drugs and takes them knowing that mummy and daddy take them so it must be ok? It is a risk to any child!

Also other parents don’t want their children breathing in second-hand smoke, let alone cannabis smoke, they don’t want to take their child smelling of cannabis when they take them home! There should be laws put in place for parents who choose to put their children around drugs, the child/children should be taken from the home immediately and placed in the care of a family who wouldn’t be so selfish or neglectful. The parents should then be convicted of child neglect and if any other child is affected by the actions of the offenders then they should be compensated financially.

These scumbags are giving the school a bad reputation  and how many parents are going to want to register their child with a school where some of the parents openly smoke weed at the school gates?

It infuriates me so much! And you know their children will grow up to be exactly the same because they believe that this sort of upbringing is normal. Maybe we should stop people like this reproducing? It would save a lot of money when it comes to benefits or minor court cases for possession of an illegal substance.
And yes, I said benefits because you just know that these people have never worked a day in their lives and will never do so. Why should the British tax-payers work to provide a lifestyle for lazy scum-of-the-earth smack-heads?


Scanning through the news on my Samsung S8+ Upday app and found an article which ?got my blood boiling.

An inmate has escaped from HMP Leyhill in South Gloucester. Keith Whitehouse, 56, was serving a life sentence for manslaughter, which he committed whilst on home release from prison in 1991, (when he was serving a sentence for kidnap). 
The staff at HMP Leyhill found that Whitehouse was missing when he failed to show up for roll call on the evening of Saturday 17th February 2018. 

Whitehouse is described as being a white, 6ft 5 ins male of slim build. He has short grey hair, a grey moustache and a goatee beard. He also has an eagle tattoo on his left arm and a leopard tattoo on his right arm. 
The police believe that Whitehouse has connections with the West Midlands and Brighton and could head to either of these areas. 
Police urge anyone who sees Whitehouse not to approach him and to call 999, quoting incident 23 of 18 February.

So a dangerous criminal was serving a life sentence in a category D prison (aka an open prison) for brutally battering a 21-year-old female over the head with a brick after forcing her to have sex at knife-point in a graveyard in 1991? He had already absconded from an open prison when he committed this offence so who the hell thought that it was a good idea to move him to another open prison? Did it not cross their mind that he could escape again? He is a danger to the public and should not have been put in a low security prison! I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, this is why we need to bring back the death penalty for severe offenders, until we do then there will continue to be incidents like this. I just hope that, for the sake of public safety, he is caught soon.

EU Hoover Brigade

So there I was, scrolling through articles on the DM website, whilst the other half was watching the football, Malta v England to be precise, when I came across an article which made me think ‘what the actual hell is this world coming to?’.

High street retailers brace for a rush to buy vacuum cleaners as EU bans the most powerful models from today…
More powerful vacuum cleaners are to be banned from today after as a new EU law comes into effect.   
The new EU energy rule means manufacturers will not be able to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor that exceeds 900 watts. […]
Those who are looking to upgrade to a new appliance should take note of the ‘eco labels’ on each machine.

The label lists: 

  • The energy rating on a scale of A++ (the most efficient) to E, based on the annual energy consumption 
  • The annual energy consumption, in kWh per year Dust re-emission class (A-G scale) 
  • How well it cleans carpet (A-G scale) 
  • How well it cleans hard floors (A-G scale) 
  • Noise level

Who the hell cares?! A hoover is a hoover, as long as it does the job which it is made for then who cares about the energy consumption or noise level… Noise level? Who on earth decided to put noise level as a point of concern? Never have I ever heard of anyone complaining about the volume of their neighbours hoover!

And obviously people should take into consideration how well the hoover cleans carpets and/or hard floors but shouldn’t an appliance, invented for cleaning, be up to scratch when it comes to doing what it was made for?

Shouldn’t the Eurocrats be debating more important matters? I mean we do have a high terror threat level throughout the EU, so shouldn’t they be more concerned on the amount of illegals that enter each of the member states, or the increasing number of terrorist incidents which result in innocent people losing their lives, rather than if the noise of my Dyson is going to piss off little Doris next-door?

Complete bloody madness!




💩 Shit’s the in thing 

So I decided to write this little rant after I was shopping with my boyfriend. My daughter picked up a balloon that was shaped like the poo emoji (see pic below) and because she had a hold of it we had to buy it or there would have been a full scale battle. 

This got me thinking though. What kind of world do we live in where there is a poo emoji that has eyes and a smile? Who originally thought this was cool? And who on earth even thought about making a poo emoji in the first place? 

Is poo all of a sudden an in thing? Because, guess what people, it’s been happening for years! 

2 pints of Family Law and 2 packets of Judges

Sir J Munby, President of the High Court’s Family Division, has said that there is a need to move away from judges holding hearings in a “palais de justice, sitting on an enormous throne”. He has also stated that courtrooms in the future, must be provided “where we need them” and pop-up courts could be held in buildings such as pubs or town halls.

F. Gibbs, legal editor for The Times, told of how Sir Munby suggested that litigants could even participate in Power of Attorney matters with online video links “from their kitchen tables”.

In March this year, Sir Munby even claimed that divorces will take place over mobile phones or laptops from next year (2017), with an online system meaning neither husband, wife nor the judge will need to be in a courtroom.
He said the click-for-divorce process was a “vision not of some distant future but what has to be”, and that the court system would no longer be “moored in the world if the late Mr Charles Dickens”.

A couple who agree to divorce will be able to answer online questionnaires about their marital history, wealth and income as well as arrangements made for their children. The online divorce costs around £400, saving a couple thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Click-for-divorce is all well and good if the couple amicably agree to divorce, but what about the cases where a spouse is being stubborn and making an amicable divorce impossible?
And what’s stopping a claimant getting pissed before their case is heard if we do have ‘courts’ held in pubs?

I know life evolves and so must the law but a court should be held in a building purposefully made for those matters, not in the local boozer with the local drunk watching over proceedings.

Family matters should be heard in private, I fail to understand why a family case would be held in a public place, it isn’t in the public’s interest to hear if A is divorcing B because they have cheated on them with C and now A has an STD as a result of B’s infidelity. All it will do is cause public humiliation for all parties involved.

Sorry but I have to say I’m out on this one!