Brave mum stops attempted abduction


A mother of two was out shopping with her children and their grandmother in Stockport on June 6th (2018) when a man unexpectedly grabbed her daughters arm and tried to pull her away.  The woman successfully fought off the kidnapper as he ran towards Primark.
Stockport CID have stated that there is a manhunt underway and police are investigating to find the man.

Police have described the man as mixed race with olive skin, slim with a shaven head and broad shoulders. He is believed to be ages between 35-45 years-old and around 5ft 9ins tall. He was wearing black-framed glasses, navy jeans and a t-shirt that had a dark pattern on the front and white at the back. He also spoke with a local accent.

I haven’t heard anything further on this case, however, I do hope that they caught the scumbag. I cannot begin to imagine how terrifying it must be to have a stranger grab your child and try to take them away from you. I have a toddler and when I am out I am constantly on edge because of all the horror stories you hear about kids being taken, it really is a parent’s worst nightmare.


Yob charged over moped muggings


Police have charged a 14-year-old boy with at least seven robberies in a one-hour crime spree in London. The teenager had thirteen mobile phones in his possession when he was arrested.
He is believed to have been a passenger on a moped during the string of muggings, however, police have also stated that upon arrest the rider of the moped drove off.

Like he is even going to learn anything from his punishment anyway. I mean, let’s face it. he’ll be put in a YOI for a few months, and that is only if the judge isn’t soft and takes pity on him, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say because of his age, he’ll end up getting a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again.
Personally, I think that if offenders are old enough to know how to commit crimes then they are old enough to suffer the consequences.

Lock him up and throw away the key!

He may only be fourteen but you just know he is already a lost cause who will continue to re-offend time and time again.

More madness in lawless London


It’s  not exactly “BREAKING NEWS” that London has been center of some knife and gun crimes over the past 6 months, so when it’s reported on a daily basis, that another group of yobs carrying zombie knives and riding on mopeds, it doesn’t come as a shock to the Great British public.

But what exactly is being done about it?

I mean let’s admit it, the police are too afraid to make arrests if the offenders are black due to them being accused of racism, the scummy yobs know their rights and know that a ‘no comment’ interview will buy them a bit more time until the police find any conclusive evidence of their involvement and the courts will only give them a slap on the wrist or a petty few months in prison which will teach them sod all. What an amazing justice system we do have…

So what is the latest happenings in the capital?

The police have released dashcam images (above) showing the frightening moments where robbery suspects jumped on a victims car bonnet, a Mazda MX5, as it was parked at a set of traffic lights, in Finchley, North London, on Saturday 2nd June (2018).
Two mopeds, carrying four males, rode up ton either side of the car. One of the suspects  was wielding a hammer and another was brandishing a large ‘Zombie style’ knife.
One of the suspects jumped on the bonnet of the car, kicking the windscreen twice until it broke. The suspects then jumped back onto the mopeds and headed west towards Brent Cross.
The driver of the car suffered a knife cut to his arm and was later discharged from hospital.
Detectives from Barnet CID are investigating but say no arrests have been made at this stage.

How long are these incidents going to go on for? What is being done to protect innocent citizens from these gangs? And what will it take for this madness to be stopped?

Graphic junk food packaging? Welcome to 2018


A study by the University of Melbourne and Cancer Council Victoria has found that putting graphic health warnings- similar to those found of cigarette packaging- could prompt people to abandon “hedonistic impulses” and choose healthier food options.
The study monitored the brain activity of 95 people as they were shown 50 foods such as crisps, chocolate bars, biscuits, nuts, fruits and vegetables and it found that warning labels prompted people to exercise more self-control rather than act on impulses…

I could go on about the other content in the article but I stopped reading it because it was annoying me. At the end of the day people will buy junk food regardless of what is featured on the packaging. The public have been aware of the health risks of junk food for years, this is not news to us, so surely this just proves that people will continue to buy the foods they want despite the risks?

There were health warnings issued on cigarettes but people still smoke so what difference has it made really? What are they going to do next? Put health warning images on alcohol?

Why can’t we just be left to make our own decisions without the interference of the health police? I don’t believe people will be swayed so what is the point?

On the run: A Freedom of Movement balls up


A pianist, Jacek Serafin (above) raped a student and was able to flee the UK after his arrest because EU’s Freedom of Movement  allowed him to board a Eurostar without his passport.

Serafin had his passport confiscated by police after he was arrested for the sexual assault of his 22 year-old student, whose drink was spiked. However, on April 26th (2018) just a few days before he was due to face a retrial for rape, he used an ID card to board a Eurostar train, bound for France, and vanished.
It is believed that he is not in his native country of Poland, but police have not been able to make contact despite efforts to track him down.

In Serafin’s absence, Judge Anthony Cross QC, posed the sentence of 14 years in prison as soon as Serafin is found.

Can we have a huge round of applause for the EU seen as they have screwed up yet again! What a bloody joke?! But how was he able to board a Eurostar without a passport I hear you ask? Well, he was able to because the EU Directive 2004/38/EC states that any EU citizen who stays in another EU Member State for less that 3 months, need only a valid ID to move between Member States.
So, in other words, an EU citizen can go to another Member State, commit a crime and avoid prosecution by State hopping. Great.

And people question why Brexit is happening?!

Good luck to the police on finding this cretin though, however, I doubt he will be found or return back to the UK in a hurry.

Late starts for obese employees? Give me a break!


A government adviser has stated that obese workers should be allowed to start work late in order to avoid the rush-hour crush and should also have the right to seek legal action against their employer should they not get a job or promotion due to their weight.

Doesn’t this make you sick?! If they are able to work then they are able to get there on time. If they want to avoid the rush-hour then they could always leave earlier. It’s not rocket science! So what if they’re at work earlier, they could always use that time to their advantage and do something productive instead of complaining about being obese and the struggle of getting to work. If their weight bothers them that much they could always do something about it instead of inconveniencing their employers and fellow colleagues. It shouldn’t be up to the employer to make sure that member of staff is at work for their start time, that is up to the employee, obese or not. And later start times means more work for the people who are at work on time because they will have to pick up the slack until the obese worker gets their ass in, which could in turn create resentment in the workplace and result in the obese worker not wanting to go to work because of the tension they’re getting from their colleagues… It’s a can of worms that really should not be opened.

And suing the employer for them not getting the job/promotion because of their weight is just ridiculous! Prove that is the reason why they didn’t get the promotion! Unless the employer actually said “You’re not suitable for that position because you’re fat” then there is very little that can be done. This is just going to be a huge waste of time for employers, employees and solicitors.

No, I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the government adviser who came up with this. I think he needs to take my advice and shut up!

Another child rapist: What is happening to the youth of today?


The Dorset Echo featured an article about police arresting an 11 year-old boy on suspicion of raping a 7 year-old boy in a Dorset village.
The alleged attack is said to have happened at an outside location on Monday the 14th of May (2018), close to the victims home.

It is said, by the victims mother, that he was playing outside when he went out of view around a corner. When her son returned, a short while later, his clothing was in disarray and she seemed subdued.
Upon questioning, the boy told his parents that he had been raped.

Dorset police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.
An 11 year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of rape and has been released under investigation to allow officers to establish the full circumstances around the incident.”

So another ‘alleged’ child rapist. Another child victim who has had their childhood innocence taken away and been left traumatized. What the hell is with kids these days? This is the second incident of this kind I have wrote about in the past few months.

11 year-old boys should be playing football, video games, whatever, not committing crimes or raping young children! Luckily, the offender in this case is over the age of criminal responsibility so, hopefully, they will be prosecuted accordingly to give the victim and his family some sense of justice.

You have to wonder about the offenders parents though, I mean how many 11 year-old boys actually know what rape is let alone know how to carry out the offending act? How did that boy learn about how to rape? Did he learn it from pornography? Did he learn it online? Did he plan it? There are so many questions! And if he did learn it from porn or online, then why didn’t his parents have measures in place to prevent him accessing such sites and information?
It is concerning that he knew that he had to get his victim alone, that he had to be careful not to be caught, that he knew what technique to use to carry out the actual rape, that he knew exactly what he was doing.

I can only imagine, if this goes to trial, the public outcry there will be. The public don’t want to protect child criminals, especially those who commit severe offences such as rape or murder, there will be cries for the offender to be strung up!

And, in all honesty, can you blame them?

Keeping the NHS


A new analysis, reported by the Health Foundation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies, has stated that if the NHS is to get back on track, the UK spending on healthcare will have to rise by 4% a year over the next 15 years.
Meeting the demands of the NHS would require taxes to rise by between £1200 and £2000 per household.

The analysis also found that by 2034, there will be 4.4 million more people in the UK ages 65 and over. Meanwhile, the number of people with complex long-term conditions are set to soar.

“Unless we tackle the funding issue, and build up the workforce, we will see further strain on NHS finances and services” – Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation.

So the people who work their asses off are going to be taxed more to provide healthcare for everyone? How fair is that? Maybe the NHS bosses need to look at what what is wasting resources and charge people for those resources? For example, A&E patients who are there simply because they can’t handle their alcohol intake on a night out or drug addicts. I understand that they may require medical assistance but surely if you require assistance due to self-infliction then you should be charged for the treatment you get?

And would it also help if EVERYONE contributed towards the cost of the NHS instead of just the tax payers who have their rent and other lifestyle costs to pay for? I mean why should someone who claims benefits, who has their rent paid and who basically lives Scott free get away without making a contribution towards any health treatments they may need? It should not be up to the hard working British public to pay for the healthcare for the scum of society or for those who decide to abuse their bodies with drugs.
Also, charging non-British nationals for any healthcare they receive . I don’t believe that anyone who is not a British national should get free treatment on the NHS unless they have made contributions towards the NHS since the age of 18.

The government need to bring in drastic measures in order to get all finances in order not just the NHS, and if that means cutting benefits across the board to £73 a week maximum, if it means child tax credits being a maximum of £60 a week then so be it. Yes people who are on benefits will kick up a fuss but there is no reason why they cannot work unless they have a life-changing health condition or disability.
Call me harsh but even some people who are classed as having a disability still have the ability to work if they wanted to.

Changes need to be made in order to get the NHS back on track and I don’t believe that hiking up taxes is the way to do it.


Justice for lies


Between Jannuary and March 2016, A Costin (above) accused three men of rape and a fourth man of physical assault.
She told police how one of the men raped her on the carpet of her home after taking her clothes off. The man was arrested but released after police managed to confirm his alibi. However, Costin then made another allegation against the man, this time claiming that he had sexually assaulted her by grabbing her breasts. Once again, the man was arrested but released after proving a compelling alibi… He was on holiday at the time. Unfortunately, the man also suffered from learning difficulties which made the allegations even harder on him as a victim of Costin’s lies.

The second man who was accused by Costin, similarily raped her in her own home. She claimed that he ‘forced her onto the sofa and pulled down her clothes and raped her’. Police were able to prove that the man was watching TV at home at the time of the alleged attack. Again, Costin brought another false claim of rape against the man, but this time he was able to prove that he was eating a take-away dinner at home at the time of the alleged second attack.

The third alleged attack followed a similar pattern and all three men said the allegations had affected their relationships with women and led to them suffering abuse, lost sleep and needing medication. One of them was left traumatized by the accusation as he too has mental health problems.

Costin, who has previous convictions mostly involving harassment, has self-harm issues going back to childhood and suffers from ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder and borderline personality disorder.
The case was referred to the Appeal Court after a lawyer from the Attorney General, James Wright QC, attacked her previous sentence of three years community service as being ‘unduly lenient’.

“In light of her [Costin] guilty pleas and a very substantial personal mitigation we will reduce that figure [six years] to four years” – Lady Justice Hallett.

So because some nutjob accuses three men of rape and one of physical assault, the men accused have their lives and reputations ruined and all she gets is four years? Do you really think these men will be seen as innocent? People always believe the bad stuff and society has the view that if you’re arrested then you must have committed the crime, not that some deluded psycho has lied for god knows whatever reason.

And surely if Costin has mental health problems then she should be put into a mental hospital rather than a prison? She needs medical help to manage her mental health otherwise she is never going to change. She needs coaching on what is appropriate in society and taught that lying about rape is not acceptable.

Women, like Costin, who lie about being raped make it so much more difficult for genuine victims to prove their case in court. It also makes it virtually impossible for the police and the legal system to believe Costin if she ever was to be raped. And she only has herself to blame.

The sentence may not be up to much but alas justice has been done. And I can only hope that the men falsely accused can, with time, get their lives back on track and put this sordid ordeal behind them.

Eight-year-old rapist: No justice for the victim


I was reading through news articles on the Daily Mail’s website and came across a story which annoyed the hell out of me. It was about a mother who was speaking out about her eight-year-old son’s rape.

The mother, let’s call her Mo, told sources that the attacker was her sons school friend who had went to their house on a play-date to play with Lego.
She said that the two boys went upstairs into her sons room where the attacker wedged the door shut with a chair, closed the curtain and asked the victim to show his genitals. He then proceeded to rape him, telling him not to say anything to his parents as they would be angry with him.
The victim revealed what had happened during his bedtime routine when his mother had asked why he had been upset when the other boy had gone home. The other boy is said to have attempted to rape the victim on four other occasions before this incident.

Mo reported the incident to the police but was told that there was nothing they could do as the attacker was under the age of criminal culpability. Her son has been left with severe depression and Mo states that he threatens to self harm and keeps ‘wishing to die’.

THIS IS A DISGRACE! That poor child has had his innocence and childhood taken away from him by someone who he considered to be a friend and the law says that there is nothing they can do due to the offender being under the age of criminal responsibility? Really? So what we let eight year-old rapists off the hook because the law stated they’re two years under the age to be prosecuted? We let them off so they can do it again and again to other victims? What lesson is that teaching them? What justice is that giving the victim?

Screw criminal responsibility guidelines!

And it must be asked, how an eight-year-old knows how to carry out such an act? How did he know to wedge the door shut and to threaten the victim so he would keep quiet? Does that not scream that the offender has witnessed this at some point? The fact that he wedged the door shut and made threats so no one would find out, screams that he knew what he was doing was wrong and that he was worried about the consequences if people found out.

Convict the little bastard is what I say! If he is capable of rape at the age of eight, what crimes will he be capable of when he is older?

Time to nip this in the bud before we have another serial offender on our hands.