Too fat for court?

Regular readers of my blog will know how infuriated I get by the sheer laziness of people who claim they are ‘too fat’ for work etc, well now the excuse of being ‘too fat’ has extended to attending court.

Forklift truck driver weighing 34-stone refuses to turn up to drink driving sentencing because he’s ‘so fat he’s technically disabled’ (Daily Mail)

J. Wiech argued that his bulging belly counted as a disability which would spare him the trouble if answering the summons. He was due to appear before Magistrates in York after he was found slumped over his car steering wheel having downed 4 beers and a bottle of vodka. A breath test showed 68 micrograms of alcohol in his system- the legal limit is 35.
A warrant was issued for his arrest after he failed to turn up to court on the 6th of June (2016) and was brought back to court under police guard.

Wiech, who speaks limited English, explained to the duty solicitor he had ‘mobility problems’ caused by his size, however, when the excuse was delivered to the bench, District Judge A. Lower, stated that this ‘was not an excuse’, also stating that Wiech could have covered the 15 miles journey by train or taxi, or both. The case was then adjourned again because a Polish interpreter was needed.
Under strict instructions to attend his trial, Wiech wheezed his way across the road from the bus stop opposite the court house.

On the day of the incident, Wiech had been found slumped over the steering wheel of his car parked outside the local village store by a passer by. His keys were found on the floor of the vehicle and he told police that he had downed 4 pints of beer and a glass of whickey after finishing his night shift. However, he had stopped drinking at 9am and did not drive until 2pm when he needed to visit the shop.

While parked outside the shop, he claims he had an argument with his ex wife over the phone and downed a ‘small’ bottle of vodka before dozing off. the next thing he remembered was being roused from his stupor by police.
He denied drink driving but admitted to a lesser charge of drunk in charge of a vehicle. He also admitted to failing to attend court and to having no insurance.

Wiech was fined £325 plus £85 court costs and a £30 surcharge. His licence was endorsed with 10 penalty points but he escaped a ban.
He was also told by District Judge D. Golding that he would not “get the same chance” if he appeared before them again.

I’m sorry but he should have been banned in my opinion. There is no excuse for failing to attend court because you’re fat and there is certainly no excuse for drinking whilst being in charge of a vehicle. The law needs to be tougher on people like this because all it shows is that an offender will get is a slap on the wrist if they break the law.


Too fat for prison

Looking on Facebook and I saw this article which was shared by one of my friends… A woman who has committed death by dangerous driving is claiming that she is “too fat” to go to prison. Jenns is a 49 year-old woman who weighs 30 stone. She knocked down and killed a jogger when she jumped a red light.

She begged the judge to spare her a prison sentence after being convicted of death by dangerous driving at Canterbury Crown Court. He barrister said; “morbidly obese Jenns hoped to get a gastric band and would not be able to cope with life behind bars”. He also stated that she suffered a stroke 7 years prior to the incident and was also receiving treatment for her weight problem at the time of the accident.
Her barrister then went on to say; “as she is grossly overweight, morbidly obese and since the incident has put on even more weight… She is a person for whom a prison sentence would be extraordinarily difficult and I don’t think I over exaggerate when I say she might not get through it.”

Judge H.Norton adjourned the sentence for 2 weeks pending medical reports and granted Jenns bail. However, she warned Jenns that she faced “an almost certain” prison sentence for the offence- and also gave her an interim driving ban.

So now not only is being “too fat” an excuse to get out of employment, it is now being used as an excuse to get out of a prison sentence… Wow people really will try anything!
How about taking some responsibility you utter waste of space? You KILLED someone by jumping a red light, you were driving dangerously, you should have to suffer the consequences like anyone else who has committed the same offence, overweight or not!

What a bloody cop out!

A rant about drivers

Another article on the Daily Mail’s website had my blood boiling as I read about the idiots in the BMW’s which collided on the M1.

It got me thinking about the argument I’d had earlier this week about the kind of people who drive BMW’s. Has anyone ever noticed that BMW drivers usually drive right up your arse or cut in front of you? They always drive as if they’re the only ones on the road and, hell, if one is behind you then get out of the way or they’ll be on your bumper for until they can undertake you.

They are pure idiots. And I don’t know why they drive around like they’re superior over other road users, so what they have a BMW, big deal. What do they want? A medal?

The accident on the M1 involved two BMW’s racing, they collided at 140 mph and it resulted in 2 people being killed and the M1 being closed for 6 hours, inconveniencing hundreds of people and making driving even more frustrating for those who just wanted to get to their destinations.

However, I fail to understand, why it seemed like such a good idea to race in the first place? I mean surely they knew there would be a risk of an accident or fatality if something went wrong?

It’s selfish idiots like this who put the insurance premiums up. Careful drivers get penalised because of a few big-headed losers who can’t handle the size of their engines. Drivers like this need to seriously grow up and realise the dangers they are putting other road users in when they decided to ‘race’ on a motorway.

“Oh look at me I can get my car to 140 mph!” And? Doesn’t make you great pal, just makes you reckless and completely stupid.

Thinking of this, however, it isn’t just BMW drivers who are the idiots. It seems to be Audi drivers too.

I was going home on Saturday, doing 60mph on the single carriageway of the A1 and an Audi driver pulls out right in front of me, causing me to slam on my breaks because if I didn’t I would have gone into him. Arsehole! And of course it wouldn’t of been his fault would it?

What possesses these people to drive like complete idiots? When they go to the garage do they put their brains down as deposits for their cars?! I mean why the hell do they need to act like they own the roads?

I drive a Vauxhall Astra, I pay road tax and insurance just like they do, and you don’t see me driving like I have a death wish. I just hope that racing around is worth it because if you drive over 100mph and the police see you, its an instant ban from driving. But that’s not my problem is it?

A rant about oldies

Being late is annoying enough but being late and getting stuck behind an oldie, driving at 20mph on a 60mph road, is infuriating! The roads between where I live and the a1 are all country lanes, where overtaking is impossible. So you can imagine how annoying it became when I got stuck behind a Ford Fusion pottering along at 20mph and breaking every time there was a slight bend un the road or a puddle. Unfortunately I was stuck behind this driver until I got to the a1 because every time I was about to pass there was either a blind corner or an oncoming vehicle. This got me thinking about old people. Why do they potter around at slow-ass mph and generally take the piss while they’re on the roads? What is that all about? Its not going to kill you if you take it up to 40 or even 50 mph! Just put your bloody foot down! The other thing which gets me about oldies is when they’re out shopping. Why have they got to have a full on conversation with the cashier? It just holds people up and makes everyone late because they’re fannying on. Like the other day, I was in the Co-op and there was an old couple in front of me getting served. They paid for their shopping then decided they wanted the lottery on, then they decided to buy some raffle tickets and finally had a full on conversation with the cashier about the hamper they’d get if thy on the raffle… I DON’T CARE! I just want to get my shopping and be on my way. I don’t want to be standing in a queue for 10 minutes just because some oldies can’t make up their minds about a couple of poxy raffle tickets! I eventually got served and went back to my car thinking that I couldn’t possibly get stuck behind another dithery driver. I was wrong, this time I got stuck behind an oldie at the petrol station. Just my luck. Before I even thought about getting out of the car I had to wait because they had taken up two pumps by parking in the middle of them. So I had to wait. I waited and waited, noticed that the car was only a 1.2 so shouldn’t take that long to fill up. Was still waiting five minutes later. Finally they put the petrol cap back on and opened the door to get their money out of the car. They then went in to pay for their petrol and came back out only to spend an age in the car before pulling away. I got my petrol, paid and was on the way to uni. I unfortunately got caught up behind the oldies who were at the garage and was stuck behind them all the way from the petrol station to the a1, again with no way of passing them. By the time I pulled up at uni I was stressed to the max with driving. Luckily I knew the drive home would be better as there’s not as many oldies on the roads after 9pm… thank God! I then started thinking about speeding. Motorist’s get stopped for speeding because its classed as dangerous driving so shouldn’t driving too slow be classed as a driving offence too? Yes it poses less of a risk to pedestrians but it poses a bigger risk to other road users as they’re having to break hard to slow down which means the people behind them have to do the same and so on. This effect will eventually end up causing a collision of some sort. And who will it be down to? Not the oldies who have caused the traffic to slow down in the first place, that’s for sure. No I think that if you’re holding traffic up on a national speed limit road and an accident occurs due to your slow driving, you should be convicted for it. Simple as that. I also think people should have to take a driving test every year after the age if 60. It would make life a lot easier for the motorist’s who just want to get on with their day without unnecessary delays. The drive home was much better and as soon as I got on to the a1 my car was constantly at 60 mph.


Renewing your car insurance policy is always a pain in the ass, isn’t it? I mean there is nothing more annoying than sitting at a computer comparing prices and seeing who is the cheapest and who provides good value for money compared to your current insurer. Its a long and boring process and I’d rather sit in a room watching grass grow than look for car insurance quotes. But it has to be done.

So why not just stick with your current insurer and save all the hassle of shopping around? Because my current insurer (AutoDirect) have sent me my renewal quote and I am shocked to say the least. 

My car is a 1.0 litre, T reg Micra which was bought for £500 as a temporary car due to my VW Polo biting the dust after 9 months of use. So you would think that a 1.0 litre Micra, covered for only third party, fire and theft would cost pennies to insure wouldn’t you? Insurance group 3 with approx 90,000 miles on it and a driver who has never had any convictions or accidents, how could that possibly cost a fortune? Well they have quoted me £64 a month for 11 months of cover with an upfront payment of £25 just for them to answer the phone and tick a box which tells them that I want to continue my policy. 

The only call I will be making to them is to tell them where to stick their renewal quote. 

I also noticed that in their T&C’s that they have a list of all the things they can charge you extra for, it reads as follows: 

Remuneration (These fees are non-refundable)

  • A fee of UP TO £52 to set-up your insurance policy
  • An administration fee of UP TO £52 to renew your insurance policy
  • A fee of UP TO £15 to issue you with duplicate insurance documents 
  • A fee of UP TO £25 when you ask us to make a change to your insurance policy
  • A fee of UP TO £20 for Direct Debit defaults and returned cheques
  • A fee of UP TO £10 may be charged if you fail to provide the information requested 

FOR CANCELLATION within the 14 days from the later of either the date of the policy or the date you receive your documents we will retain the administration fee for the set-up of your policy and may charge a cancellation fee of £10. After the 14 days we will charge you a cancellation fee of £50. 

So basically they will try and rip you off as soon as they pick up the phone. And if you even make the faintest mistake or need to phone up to change anything on your policy then bam, they will have additional money out of you in an instant. 

And the interest rate they charge is crazy! They have calculated my insurance at £607.31 over 11 months with an interest charge of 36.6% APR which brings the total to £707.50… FOR A 1.0 NISSAN MICRA! 

Are they pissed?! 

Invasion of the taxi cam

We officially live in a Big Brother style society, with camera’s everywhere we look it is surprising anyone can have any privacy these days… Well we can’t even have privacy in taxi’s anymore as from the 15th April next year, Oxford Council will be enforcing a new procedure to have CCTV camera’s fitted into taxi’s.

“All taxis licensed for the first time by Oxford City Council must have the equipment installed from April 6 next year, while cabs which are already registered will have until April 2015 to get the camera fitted, the council said.”- Daily Mail.

I can see the good thing behind it as it would cut back on the crime and assaults taxi drivers suffer but I don’t think the Council should have the right to enforce it. I think it should be up to the drivers if they have camera’s installed in their cabs.

“The council will pay £100 towards the cost of the camera’s” so the other £300 comes from? They cannot expect the owners of the taxi’s to shell out £300 towards a camera to go in every car! And where are they planning to put this? If it is to be wired and fixed in a certain position then surely the car will have to be adapted for it, which means more cost for the owner of the taxi. So £100 isn’t really going to go very far is it?

And once one Council starts this then other councils will follow. And then you have the privacy of the drivers who are just doing their job, why should they have to be filmed all the time? Surely it is a breach of their privacy? Yes there are assaults etc but is it really that common to bring these regulations in? Why tar all drivers with the same brush? Not all taxi drivers assault their passengers and not all passengers assault their driver so why is that the main argument for being monitored?

Or is it just another way for the Government to make money out of people? Obviously they will have their say in all of this, so why don’t they pay the drivers the £400 for having the camera installed instead of spending millions on things we don’t need, like the Olympic Stadium, for example!

Country is in debt… Lets build a billion pound stadium that will be used for 17 days! Yes that is totally the answer, it will solve all of our problems! The country is ran but fucking idiots.

“The footage will not be routinely viewed, but will be kept for 28 days on a CCTV hard-drive in case it is needed following a specific incident.” So what the is the point?! IF it is needed? And what if it isn’t? What then? These camera’s might be in place for years and might not actually catch anything happening.

Nope, I think it is just going to make the public even more paranoid about their privacy. Soon people won’t venture outdoors in case their every move is being caught on camera. Surely we, the general public, need to consent to being filmed? If not then is that not classed as voyeurism? I think there is still a lot of things the bright sparks behind this haven’t thought of.

Upsetting the Daily Mail Community

Here’s a couple of the headlines I just had to comment on today on the Daily Mail’s website! Seriously I think the Great British public can now officially say the country is screwed.

Drug-dealing dwarf spared jail so he can keep his specially adapted home

Has the justice system gone completely insane?! So what if he loses his adapted home! He has broken the law and should be punished like every other offender. Does this mean that if someone in a wheelchair is dealing drugs they will also be let off because they will have an “adapted” home? Or is it because he is black AND a dwarf? Because you can guarantee if he was white he would have been sent to prison straight away.
He will not learn from being released, he will just continue to commit drugs offences because he will plead the same sob story and get away with it time and time again.

I am more than sure that a prison cell could be specially adapted for him, it is just the great British public taking sympathy on him because he has a number of medical conditions. But do other prisoners not have medical conditions such as paranoid schizophrenia and depression?
Take splat! Hell hath no fury as angry mother chases clamper round car park with a bucket of sludge after son’s car is clamped

Doesn’t matter if he had parked up for 2 minutes while he got change for the meter, he was still parked illegally when he was clamped. She had no right to do what she did especially as the man was just doing his job. He clamped the car because it didn’t have a ticket, how was the man suppose to know that the driver would be back in 2 minutes? He can’t take the risk and is therefore just following the orders of his employer.

And besides, if you’re going somewhere and you know you will need change for a parking meter, is it not common sense to make sure you have the change BEFORE you get to the car park?

My Con

Ford have announced plans for the release of the My Key in the UK as it is already available in the US.

The My Key means parents can limit the speed, pre-set the speed and even limit how loud the stereo can be played. Other features include; reminders to slow down, fasten seatbelts and check when fuel is low. Ford’s P Mascarena stated that the My Key is for parents to have peace of mind.

Safety campaigners argue that driving too slow can be dangerous in certain situations and urged more to be done about young drivers attitudes being changed.

Now is it just me or can anyone else see a flaw with this? For a start, it doesn’t matter about limiting the speed because young drivers, especially boy racers, are still going to tear around at stupid mph. Limiting the speed does not stop them trying to drift around country lanes at 60-70 mph does it? No. Then there is the reminder to wear your seatbelt, unless I am pretty much mistaken cars already have a sensor that notifies the driver to put on their seatbelt by making a really loud annoying beeping noise.
As for limiting the volume of the stereo, well that is just a complete waste of time and reminding them to slow down is just like talking to a brick wall as they won’t take any notice whatsoever.

So how much is the My Key? Well there is nothing really on the internet about prices, but seen as the My Key will only work on new Fords then you will be looking at a starting price of £8548 and that is just for a basic model KA, which may not include the My Key feature (Of course, Ford could make it easier if they had this small detail on their website).

Nothing is going to stop young drivers acting like idiots, it is just another money making con to get people sucked into buying a brand new car.

Motorists causeway too much trouble

Car stuck at Lindisfarne More than £42,00 of the British taxpayer’s money was spent on sea rescues at Holy Island in the past 3 years. The following statistics are alarming, to say the least:

  • In 2008 the Sea King MK3 helicopter made two rescues lasting two hours, which ran up a bill of £20,715.
  • In 2009 the RAF helicopter was used for 45 minutes which cost £9,321.
  • And in 2010, another RAF helicopter rescue took place, lasting an hour and costing £12,429.
The MoD spokesman quoted to the news “The taxpayer meets those costs, but those rescued don’t have to pay anything.”
The cost of the £12,429 an hour includes; four crew members, fuel and constant regular maintenance of the Sea King helicopter. But it is not just the RAF that the rescues affect, it is also the RNLI lifeboat service that suffer insignificant spending costs of rescuing motorists from the causeway and has been used 20 times within the past 4 years.
The rescues cost Seahouses RNLI an alarmingly £1,200, which, like the RAF, includes; fuel, maintenance, crew costs, training and equipment.  Ian Clayton, Operations Manager of Seahouses RNLI reported that all the income they receive is donated by the public and the money spent on causeway rescues would have helped to purchase more equipment for the service.
So with the amount of trouble motorists cause by not checking the tide times, it is not surprising that the people who reside on Lindisfarne have came up with a solution to stop the motorists getting stuck. They have suggested that there are electric gates put up to stop motorists crossing when there is water on the causeway. Which I think is a really good idea.
The amount of money that is spent rescuing motorists who ignore advice about checking crossing times and warnings about not crossing while there is water on the causeway could be used in so many more ways. The money could go towards renewing equipment, recruiting new crew members and could even be put towards a new lifeboat.
If I had my way, I would rescue them but they would be issued with a court summons and I would make them pay for the services that had to be used due to their ignorance. Surely that is only fair? Obviously, they would pay it by so much per month, like what most people who are fined thousand do, but it certainly would get the message across.
So if you are thinking of planning a trip across to Holy Island, then please check the crossing times before you set off. They can be found online at

A cycle rant

Like many drivers I hate cyclists.

They use the roads, cause people to slow right down and generally just piss people off. So I have come up with a solution…

If cyclists insist on using the road (because the stuff the council put down on cycle paths knack up their tyres) then they should have to pay road tax and insurance like any other road user. And I also think that they should have to go through a test like every other road user, because some of them are a bloody danger to themselves never mind motorists.

What go me riled about this today was when I was at the Moor Farm round about waiting to go back up the spine road. I started pulling away when I got a green light and out of nowhere this cyclist came bombing across the road infront of my car. And he had the nerve to give me the fingers!

I drove home riled as ever and just as I was coming into Amble, what should I happen to get stuck behind? Yep, a cyclist. I over took him and finally managed to get home without wanting a nervous breakdown.

But getting back to my point, do cyclists not use the road like everyone else? Do they not cause wear and tear on the roads surface like other vehicles do? And why is it always the drivers fault if they are in an incident with a cyclist? Surely if the cyclist hadn’t have been on the road it wouldn’t have happened?!

What really annoys me is when you see cyclists on the spine road, its a bloody 60-70mph road ffs! Anyone cycling on there has obviously got a death wish. Or is mentally incapable of realising that they will die if a car hits them while coming around a blind bend.

I don’t know. Yeah fine it’s healthy etc but is there any full need to slow other traffic down just because you want to go on a bike ride? And the people who ‘cycle to work’ get a bloody car! The rest of us have places to be too you know, and we don’t want to be stuck behind you, just because you prefer to be ‘kinder to the environment’. News flash: You won’t make a single difference to the planets environmental state on your own so you might as well get a car and get to the places you want to be quicker and safer.

Phew. Rant over. Its 12:25am and I am going to bed to have sweet dreams of a world where cyclists have to pay road tax and insurance or are banned from using the roads. Ahhh wouldn’t that be bliss?